13,000 tourists visit Bamyan since the start of Eid-ul-Fitr

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Published on : Saturday, May 14, 2022

13000 tourists visit Bamyan

As many as 13,000 tourists visited Bamyan since the start of Eid-ul-Fitr festivities.

The local tourism representatives of Bamyan province said that about 13,000 tourists took pleasure in the beauty of Bamyanright from the commencement of Eid-ul-Fitrholidays till this Sunday.

Nearly 2 thousand private and passenger vehicles passed the entrance gate of Bamyanwho bought tickets for visiting national parks in that province. A total of 13,000 tickets have been reported to be sold, said ZabihullahRabdoost, the director of Bamyan Agriculture.

Rabdoosthas urged all tourists to keep the environment unpolluted and stay away from throwing garbage in the landfill so that the gorgeous setting of the national park stands unspoiled. This is also to adhere to the regulations set by the Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock.

Ahmad Jan Popal, a tourist visiting Bamyan from Kandahar, said that he came to delight in the Bamyanscenery and enjoy along with his friends.

Bamyan is among the first historic provinces in Afghanistan and Bamyan Buddha is an ancient monument luring thousands of tourists from inside and outside the country.

However, in spite of all these, many tourists have expressed their dissatisfaction regardinghigh hotel room tariffsincluding high cost of food in the province. They said that the Afghan tourism authorities need to pay attention with regard to monitoring the food and hotel rental price.

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