5 Reasons Why Road Trips Are The Best Way To Travel

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Nothing beats driving on an open road, singing and jamming to your favorite songs with your best friends. When it comes to travel, the best part of it would be the journey and the thrills that come with it, so why not go on a road trip and live your best life? We are not saying other types of travel don’t give you thrills, but we are saying road trips are the best way to travel and the below are why.

1. Easy planning and less struggle 

Have you ever traveled by air and road? Which requires you to do more research? The answer is obvious, traveling by air requires more planning. You have to be aware of details like: 

  • Which flight is cheapest and fits into your budget 
  • What time does it usually leave? 
  • The possibility of the flight being canceled due to the change in weather

So, you have to consider all of these, and it can stress you out if you are not up for it. You can avoid all of these by taking yourself a road trip. You can choose to travel by road at your pace and not have to stop if the weather conditions don’t affect your road movement. 

When traveling by air, you have to change your location before accessing the medium of transportation. You can simply load your luggage onto your universal roof rack and get moving. You won’t have to wait in line to pass through security when traveling by car. You can also sit by the window, freedom you won’t have if you travel by air.

2. Take anything you want with you

Since you won’t be passing by security before boarding a car or a bus, you can take the materials you want to take as long as it is legal. But since you can only take what fits into your truck, you should make sure you have taken the necessary items first before any other thing. 

You can take snacks as necessary items and extra clothes if you spend a longer time at the destination due to unforeseen reasons. If you are lodging in a hotel, there is a possibility that you don’t need to take blankets or pillows. You should make a list of the items you need.

3. You are in control and having fun 

While you are on air, you can’t make stops to explore beautiful places; all you see is the clouds and sky. But on land, you can stop and see the views and try food items you haven’t taken before. 

You can take a few pictures to share with your friends and families before you hop on the journey again. Also, you can take another route to explore. Ensure always to keep someone informed of your location so you don’t get lost.

When you look out the window during road trips, you are bound to see the beautiful view of nature with your car moving, and you can’t ever replace that kind of feeling. You can see mountains and prominent rocks if the route has many tourist centers.

Also, when you travel by plane, you have to maintain certain etiquette for good reasons because everyone wants to arrive safely. Everyone reads a book, listens to music with their earphones, or sleeps on the plane. 

However, on the road, if you are traveling with a group of friends and you are not the one driving, you can sing your favorite songs together. You can also play games to pass the time, and these are the kinds of moments you will always live to remember.

4. You can save cash 

Road trip helps you save some bucks because all you have to worry about is the cost of gas for your car, well, mostly. That’s minus the money needed to buy the stuff you need at your destination. 

It helps you save cash you would rather spend somewhere else than on a flight. You can do the math on what option suits you best, but the road trip is a better option if your destination is not too distant.

5. You get to explore more 

So, you are traveling somewhere for the first time, and you’ve heard that some beautiful places also exist on your route. Why not add that to your travel plan? Especially if you are a tourist. The more places to explore, the more pictures you take, and the more beautiful posts you get to share. 

However, if you have more urgent things to attend to, you can reduce the number of places you explore. Also, if you are the one driving, it allows you to take a rest before you continue on the journey. 


There you have five reasons to consider a road trip and why it would be your best option if your destination isn’t too far. We hope you are convinced. The next time you are traveling on the road with friends, choose a playlist beforehand.

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