A Chronograph To Track Time On Earth And Mars

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Many consider our natural satellite as the next frontier for human colonization. Hence, NASA’s next lunar mission is on everyone’s radar.

Meanwhile, there are others who consider Mars as the next big frontier. Hence, after the Moonwatch, OMEGA adds another unique model to its Speedmaster line. This is the X-33 Marstimer – a novelty yet classy timepiece.


The watchmaker notes that this Speedmaster’s development is with input from the European Space Agency (ESA). This collaboration ensures every element regarding the Red Planet is accurate. It features a grade 2 titanium case that measures 45 mm x 14.9 mm with 20 mm between lugs.


To showcase the partnership between OMEGA and the ESA, the medallion case back shows each respective signature.

The iconic seahorse logo engraving is dead center while the Speedmaster X-33 Marstimer is etched above it. The bezel holds an aluminum insert, oxalic anodized in red hematite.


The earthy tone is visible on the pusher at 10 o’clock and as a gradient shade to the second hand. A sapphire crystal protects the black dial that holds a legible LCD unit to display Earth and Mars symbols when you need to check the time on each planet.


A backlight and Super-LumiNova keep the details visible in low-light situations. With the ESA’s help, the MTC function tracks the sol date and time at the fourth planet’s prime meridian. For a bit of trivia, its days are 2.7% longer than ours. It runs on an OMEGA 5622 quartz movement.


The X-33 Marstimer comes with a titanium bracelet, but a special NATO strap is included if you want to swap it out. “The inner lining of the watch roll features a reproduction of Hebes Chasma, a unique steep-sided canyon on the surface of Mars,” says OMEGA.



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