Airlines can now track agents, passengers and staff with SITA application

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022


SITA announced a new technology that will work as a platform for the Airlines to keep track about everybody on board. This technology will not only keep track but also used to respond customer queries. Communication with the customers will become extremely easy now.

It has been extremely difficult for the airlines to keep track and respond to customer queries lately due to pandemic caused traffic. It is a app that will be extremely useful to the airlines to keep track on their on duty and off duty staff. SITA has developed partnership with Microsoft. The cloud that SITA FLEX uses is provided by Microsoft Azure.

After pandemic many airlines have experienced major traffic from customers regarding travel inquiries. The pandemic has created immense amount of confusion and possibilities of mismanagement. This application makes the data protection and communication much easier.

The application will easily capture data from all the sources and will still remain accessible. The airlines using the application will be able to track the remote workers as well.

Head of SITA at airports, Drew Griffith said this age is soon going to be entirely dependable on the cloud computing. The SITA as a service will enable the users to get access to the unlimited space. With the application it is no longer necessary to go through series of application and certification process.  

The application can be useful for many small yet important things. Passengers can now use their phone as remote control. Printing bag tags, managing check-ins and tacking travel becomes easier with the application. SITA already has many airline customers which are likely to grow in future.

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