Algeria & Qatar to jump into tourism

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Published on : Monday, June 20, 2022

Algeria Qatar tourism

In a meeting in Algiers, the Algerian and Qatari businessmen talked about bilateral investment opportunities in tourism and real estate, on Saturday, the Gulf state’s news agency (QNA) reported the same.

The Businessmen Association of Qatar took part in the meeting. At the meetings, Algerian officials included Yacine Hamadi, the Minister of Tourism and Handicrafts, along with Mohamed Tarek Belaribi, the Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and City. Sheikh Faisal bin Qassim Al-Thani, QBA Chairman, proposed about setting up of an integrated touristic city. This city will allow the investment of the two countries as well as others. The officials considered about the recent trends in investment in both sectors, with Sheikh Faisal emphasizing the increase of modifying hotels that are state-owned to privatization in order to manage them better.

Also, Hamadi offered the QBA team with a presentation about the tourism and hotel investment opportunities in Algeria. Few of the probable investment sites include the Msida area close to Annaba and the Tunisian border, along with the Ghar Daya area.

The tourism minister explained that as the two sides continue to renew their will to fortify and build up efforts, the opportunities come by to expand their business relation that serves the purpose of the two countries.

In the meantime, the minister of housing of Algeria stated that a new law on investment is being studied that will help the free investment of foreign and other investors from Algeria.

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