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School education nowadays is changing continuously, be it the syllabus or the patterns of the education board. But one thing always remains the same— after-school programs. Parents need to make sure the kids stay busy until dinner.

This can happen only when they are involved in certain activities that are both knowledgeable, engaging, and as well as rewarding for them.

And that’s exactly what this article is going to focus on. We will be covering different types of popular after-school programs for primary kids and some after-school activities.

Some families have this all figured out and they are very well utilizing this time to make their children try something new. Popular after-school programs can also help children start doing something they have stopped learning or doing long ago. These programs are a great way to brush up on the time management of kids.

There are some after-school activities that primary School students can get engaged in. These children are just in need of a kickstart to learn or master certain skills. This list of activities or programs will help you choose what is best for the kids.

Popular After-School Activities

  • Learn to code – Who doesn’t love video and board games during their childhood days? There are several popular domains to learn and become a master in coding. There are opportunities like “playing with” and coding “toys” like sphero.
  • Movie creation – As a kid, I was obsessed with the Movie home alone. I used to get amazed with how superheroes could fight the bad guys and save everyone around. Wth so many ideas in mind, kids can create many stories and movies.
  • Build things with lego – Not every kid is fancy about legos. But now this is the Lego era. It is amazing to see that now these tiny pieces can be fastened together to create the Optimus prime of transformers. These legos can help in improving the problem-solving and fine motor skills of kids.

There are certain other after-school program classes and activities for kids also which help them think out of the box.

  • Learn the art of survival in the wilderness – Research says that kids spend a very short time in outdoor play. They are not only missing out on fresh air but also they are not able to improve their creativity skills. These types of outdoor programs can help them build their confidence, teaches responsibility, reduces stress, and also boosts their creativity skills. These outdoor after-school programs focus on nature connection and wilderness skills. These programs include blacksmithing and homesteading.
  • Startup businesses – It requires a clever idea to start a business. It also requires collaboration and problem-solving which kids can easily learn in the platform known as Build. The kids can learn entrepreneurial skills that can drive them towards success in any sector they want.
  • Harp playing – The piano is the traditional instrument to start learning. There are plenty of other instruments that can interest a child. Research says that learning to play different types of instruments can improve reading and maths skills.

Things To Remember

Some of the popular after School programs help in —

  • Helps in building the social skills
  • Make the learning more fun and simple
  • Builds confidence and problem-solving skills
  • Offers academic support
  • Create a sense of responsibility and belonging
  • Helps in building self-esteem
  • Provides supervision and safety

It is time that you get your child enrolled in the best after School program and make the most out of their time and passion. The Young Engineers Club is the best place to consider for after School activities and more. To know more visit

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