Andhra Pradesh Minister for Tourism and Culture visits Bapu Museum

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Published on : Saturday, April 30, 2022

visits Bapu Museum

For passing on the historical wealth to the next generations, all museums in Andhra Pradesh will be developed, said the Minister for Tourism and Culture R.K. Roja.

The Minister visited Bapu Museum and saw the galleries categorized into different segments. She proposed developing ‘circular tourism’ in Andhra by assimilating all tourist destinations, temples and museums.

For maintaining harmony in the digital era, the museum has been refurbished with ultra-modern ambiance by the Department of Archaeology and Museums. The ministerappreciated the department officials for arming the space with advanced augmented and virtual reality technologies.

The museum has been renovated spending Rs. 12.8 crore and was reopened to the public on October 2 in 2020.

Ms. Roja said that there are 1,500 ancient and rare artefacts portraying the history of 10 lakh years. She urged people to visit the museum in the summer holidays, since it is aplace of leisureand also the best spot to learn about “our rich history”. The museums at Eluru and Ananatapur would also be developed like Bapu Museum.

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