Arkansas tourism leaders all set for the super event

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Published on : Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Arkansas tourism

In Arkansas, the tourism system for this year is getting in progress, and the hospitality industry is all prepared to welcome a successful year. Also, Kim Williams, a travel writer for the Arkansas Parks and Tourism division, mentioned that they need to prepare for April 8th, 2024.

“This is going to be a tourism event like we’ve never seen,” Williams said of what has been tagged the Great North American Eclipse. And she said for sky gazers, Jonesboro, Paragould and Piggott will be in the right spots to witness this event. Communities adjacent to the place will be able to capitalize on it as well. On Tuesday, Williams told area leaders at the Delta Center for Economic Development at Arkansas State University.

Williams has been helping prepare the state for an event that is expected to draw many people for a single, brief event in the history of the state.

She emphasized what exactly happened in South Carolina, a state geographically of the same size, during a solar eclipse in 2017.

“They had 1.6 million visitors,” Williams said. “For the eclipse – I’m not talking year-around – I’m talking about for a single event with an economic impact of $269 million. That’s why I’m saying this will be an event like Arkansas has never seen in its history.”

As different to an important sporting event or festival in any given city, the eclipse generally generates revenue for many cities in two-thirds of the state, she said.

“Over 75 percent of the visitors that came to Casper in August of 2017 for the eclipse had never been to Casper or Wyoming before,” Williams said. “For us tourism people, that is exciting. To have hundreds of thousands of people who have never been to Arkansas before.

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