Bay County thinks about tourism industry education

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Published on : Thursday, May 26, 2022

Bay County Tourist Development Council

The Bay County Tourist Development Council is aiming to arrange more training for Bay County’s largest industry.

The Council isthinking of more tourism educational opportunities for younger generations.

According to TDC Executive Director Dan Rowe, they are an all-American beach town providing some really great opportunities.

TDC members are looking to begin a career program at the high school level, and are encouraging students to take part in the tourism industry.

Rowe said that this is something new for the TDC. It was not done before, and they are taking the time to make sure that the program goes well and is developed properly. He said that they arecollaborating with every level of local education institutions to ensure a complete, comprehensive program that would help students to get jobs, stay in these jobs and make some money, and also better customer service for all visitors, since ultimately, the TDC aims to increase economic opportunitiesvia spending by visitors.

The Gulf Coast State College received a whopping $2.5 million as donation last week from local lawyer Julie Hilton, which would assist inincreasing the college’s hospitality and tourism program.

Rowe said that this 2.5 million dollar investment in the local community is simply wonderful. It will really provide benefits for years to come, and they excited to start giving away scholarships for students who will be joining that hospitality school.

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