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Pubg is otherwise called as player unknown’s battleground. It is one of the most popular and entertaining games. Everyone loves this game because it is an online multiplayer game. Here, users can make teams with their friends and strangers and play together. What’s more, they can also make use of the voice chat feature which makes the purpose of the game even more entertaining. Nintendo Users are wondering is pubg Nintendo switch possible?

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Is pubg on Switch?

Many players have bought the Nintendo switch and are now looking for ways to play the pubg Nintendo switch. But is pubg on switch? Pubg is currently available on these devices: Android, iOS, Google Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation devices. The creators of the game even allow for cross platform support which makes it easier for more people to play the game. 

But what about the gamers who have bought Nintendo switch? Can they play the game on this handheld device yet? We hate to break it to you, that no, it is currently not available for the Nintendo switch. But that is only official news. 

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2 Reasons You Cannot Play Pubg On Switch (Officially)

  1. One of the definitive reasons for gamers not being able to play the pubg Nintendo switch is because the game file is extremely huge. There is just not enough space on the Nintendo switch. Let us take the example of the xbox one.
  2. Yes, it did arrive on the xbox one but the game is known for suffering frame rate problems which means it lags and stutters from time to time. When you play a highly competitive game such as pubg for switch, lags mean you can die instantly and thus lose the game. This is a highly unfavorable situation.

Now that the xbox one is even more powerful than the Nintendo switch, pubg for switch becomes highly unlikely given the certain circumstances. For pubg for switch, the developers should be thinking about making the game available on the device somehow considering how fortnite is also available for that gaming device.

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How Can You play pubg for switch? [There is a Way]

So back to where we were, the official news. While there is no way to play pubg for switch at least officially, there might actually be a way we can play it unofficially. Many hardcore gamers in the world have reported that they have been able to play pubg on switch. Wondering how? Then let me tell you, they claim that they made it work by installing android on their Nintendo switch thus making pubg Nintendo switch possible.

So while this is definitely a way to play pubg Nintendo switch, users should be aware that if they decide to do this then their Nintendo for switch choice will end the warranty for the switch permanently. If you brick the console then you will have to buy a new one. But, for users who have decided that they definitely want to play pubg Nintendo switch no matter what the consequences are, then this is definitely the way to go about it. 

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All In All

Pubg is a great game and Nintendo switch is a great device and we hope to see one day Pubg officially launched on Nintendo switch. I hope you got your answer to is Pubg on switch and can you play Pubg on Nintendo switch. We have tried to provide you the best possible answer to this quarry in the simplest way possible. Let us know if you have any other question in your mind.

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