The hidden costs of the middleman economy

Direct: The Rise of the Middleman Economy and the Power of Going to the Source by Kathryn Judge (HarperCollins, 2022) What are the costs of lower costs? Plenty, if you follow the argument…

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Pedal to the metal

In this roundup of recent insights from PwC thought leaders, Daniel Gross sees a clear message to companies and governments that are skittish about decarbonization in the face of new global uncertainty: this…

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Delectable Birthday Cake

Delectable Birthday Cake Ideas To Surprise Your Brother

Your brother always supports you like a father and sometimes guides you as a friend. It’s true your brother annoys you and sometimes  teases you but the love for you never fades away….

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Best Flowers

Why Roses And Orchids Are Best Flowers For Any Occasion?

Whether it’s a bouquet, decoration, or putting these flowers in a vase; making them as bridal jewelry or for hairstyle decoration. Both of these flowers are perfect. They also are used to express…

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To improve management, build a decision factory

Decision Leadership: Empowering Others to Make Better Choices by Don A. Moore and Max H. Bazerman, Yale University Press, 2022 “We think of organizations as decision factories,” write professors Don A. Moore and…

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It’s an ad, ad, ad, ad world

PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022–2026: A comprehensive source of advertising and consumer spending data. In recent years, advertising—or at least the advertising that baby boomers grew up with—has often…

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how late is the closest grocery store open

How Late is The Closest Grocery Store Open

If you are searching for a supermarket, the best spot to begin is finding out where probably the biggest worldwide store chains are and how late the nearest supermarket is open. Peruse more…

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Why economies crash

The Illusion of Control: Why Financial Crises Happen, and What We Can (and Can’t) Do About It by Jon Danielsson, Yale University Press, 2022 In 1751, a young Dutchman living in Amsterdam, Leendert…

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small business lawyers vancouver

Explained! What Are the Reasons to Hire Small Business Lawyers

You might be asking yourself, “is it worth it to hire a small business lawyer?” The answer is, of course, it depends on the specific case. In this piece, we’ll talk about reasons…

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Mining value from consumer data

As my everyday conversations with clients underline, consumer products companies have made huge investments in digital capabilities and data in recent years. And for good reason—according to Forbes, digital and analytics investments can…

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