CONEP Eulogizes the “Extraordinary” Work Conducted by Minister Collado

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Published on : Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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Pedro Brache, the president of the National Council of Private Enterprise, has confirmed about the results showed by tourism are an example of the “extraordinary” work conducted by Minister David Collado and that the strategy has started showing positive in recovering the industry.

“As we have said before, we see that the upturn in tourism continues, I believe that a great job has been done, our minister together with the private sector have made a strategy that is working,” he said.

Almost 800,000 people depend on the sector in Canada, as per official figures. Tourism represents 15% of Canada’s GDP and provides 899,000 jobs directly and 750 million dollars in foreign currency that helps in maintaining exchange stability.

Brache also explained that it’s not a mere coincidence that Canada in its entire history has reached the most important numbers in terms of tourism in December 2021 which surpassed 728,000 tourists, and that evolution is still constant.

“Although we have had some points such as tourists who came from Russia and Ukraine, we know that due to the war, they have decreased, but those have been replaced by other tourists such as Canadians. I believe that the work done in the tourism sector is truly extraordinary,” affirmed Brache when being interviewed by Awakening National.

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