Croatia faces acute shortage of tourism workers

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tourists are once again Croatia

Tourists are once again visiting Croatia after the Covid-19 pandemic destroyed its important travel industry. However, the Adriatic nation has a problem: it has a shortage of workers to take care of the crowds of visitors.

In order to deal with anenduringscarcity of workersin tourism, Croatia is employing people in neighboring Balkan countries and even in Asia to seal the gap.

Scarcity of tourism workers is a problem that has been faced by other topmostEuropean tourism destinations as well like France, Spain and Greece. They have also gone through shortage of tourism staff since the dismissing of Covid constraints.

It is a matter that Croatia, which is popular for its peaceful coast line,filled with more than 1,000 islands and islets has alreadyfought backfor years and it has nowdeteriorated since the pandemic.

The Croatia tourism industry could be bereft of 10,000 workers this year, said the official estimations.

Stanislav Briskoski is the owner of a restaurant in the tourist attraction of Rovinj. He said that the condition is indeed disturbing.

Croatia is slated for a tourism recovery.The country has already accommodatedalmost three million visitors during the initial five months of 2022, which is approximatelythree times the number compared to last year, which is a positive sign for the peak summer spellcommencing in July and August.

The tourism industry is expected tosurpass its 2019 record, unless the war in Ukraine intensifies. Irrespective of everything, the tourism sector needs more workers.

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