Destinations helping LGBTQ+ community to build a non discriminatory future of tourism

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Published on : Wednesday, June 15, 2022


As the pride month hits again it is yet another opportunity to celebrate the essence of brevity and acceptance. Some countries have taken the initiative to resonate the courage of those who chose themselves over mainstream societal pressure. As days pass more queer friendly destinations are winning the hearts of many

Sense of security helps relax better: Latin America seems to understand

Although Netherland happens to be the first country to legalise same sex marriage, Latin American countries have established a societal acceptance which results in an extremely vibrant cultural identity. There are thousands of queer friendly destinations across countries like in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador as well as many small pockets over the country. Mexico has legalised same sex marriage on 21 December, 2009 which became effective from 4th March of 2010. They even offer beer and brunch under 5 dollars.

Next in line was Argentina to legalise same sex marriage in the 2011. Today there are more than 200 gay bars in Argentina city alone. In San Juan Puerto Rico, pride walks have been a central attraction from 1990s and LGBTQ+ communities share their love as well as pride in nightclubs like Toxic, SX the club, Oasis Tapas & Lounge and Tia Maria’s Liquor store. Booking a hotel as loving couples anywhere in Brazil and Uruguay would actually not raise eyebrows, rather Latin American countries are renovating and upskilling their tourist management to attract global tourists.

But, Europe holds the oldest records

When we say that we mean it. Before Nazi propaganda spread and gave birth to one of cruellest tragedies of mankind, Germany has been one of the major lover’s destinations. Memorials of homosexuals persecuted during Nazi era is a popular sight to visit. Even today, Germany attracts thousands of homosexual couples for regular visits and for festivals like Folsom Europe Festival and Porn Film festival. Beside Germany there is Spain that hosts more than 500 gay bars and restaurants in Barcelona alone. Same sex union in Greece has been legal since 1951 although 2005 was the year to legalise it completely. Iceland and Netherlands have created safe relaxing spots for LGBTQ+ global citizens.

LGBTQ+ community is travelling towards independence

The global travelling industry is moving towards a more inclusive travel plans. As a result the gender sensitive countries are becoming more culturally vibrant. Travelling is said to be a process that would enrich a person’s personal growth and help him broaden his idea of home. Even isolated countries like Canada, Nepal and New Zealand are developing their own language and identities of inclusiveness. Europe’s pride walk attracts about 1.5 million homosexual citizens. During this Pride month of June the global LGBTQ+ community gets a chance to celebrate their uniqueness as well as tell the world about the journey they have already made. The hosting countries get a chance to witness the brevity and move a step forward towards economic stability and a justified society.

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