Dharamsala’s Smart City Hotel Association urges Prime Minister to declarepackage for the struggling tourism industry

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

Dharamsalas Smart City

Dharamsala’s Smart City Hotel Association has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to declare a package for the pandemic affected tourism industry.

The President of the hotel associationDeepak Diwan said that the tourism industry had witnessedenormousdeficits in the last two years in the wake of Covid-19. Many hotels in the region had becomenonpayers, and thus, banks had no other option but to take possession of their assets.

Mr. Diwan said that the tourism and hotel industry had asked the Himachal state government to provide it with some assistance or waive yearly fee and interests of banks during the course of the lockdown time. Hoteliers had also wantedthe state government to waive the property tax for hotels as well. Nevertheless, the Himachal state government had not approved their demands.

Mr. Diwansaid that they are now expecting that the PM will assist the struggling tourism industry of Himachal, since it is the principal employer.

Earlier, the Congress had asked thatPrime Minister NarendraModi needs to announce a special plan for Himachal Pradesh tourism recovery, keeping in mind theweakening economy of the state.

Pratibha Singh, theState Congress President had said that Himachal had a burden of dues of Rs. 70,000 crore, claiming that the stateis not getting any monetary assistance from the Center. Singhsuspectedthat examinations in the police staffing paper leak case were negligent and the government is only killing time.

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