For Tourists, Venice Introduces Booking System

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Published on : Friday, April 22, 2022

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During the Easter break, roughly 400,000 tourists thronged Venice. The mayor of the city, Luigi Brugnaro, declared the launch of the new scheme. It would restrict the visitor numbers ahead of the summer season.

Brugnaro defined this alteration as “the right way forward” to smoothly handle the city’s tourism, as confirmed by Italian news agency, ANSA on Tuesday.

The mayor also mentioned that Venice would be “the first in the world” to conduct “this difficult experiment.”
The day-trippers will have to pay an entry fee of up to 10 euros to access the city center from 2023 onwards, besides the booking system.

Tourists who will spend night in Venice will not require any prior reservation to come into the canal city. The authorities of the Municipality have struggled for long time in balancing Venice’s busy tourism with delicate nature of the city and its lagoon.

The new scheme will try its best to maintain a report for the number of people in the city center.

Brugnaro explained that the scheme will manage overcrowding and “hit and run” tourism.

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