Frustration develops among the Delta pilots for flight cancellations and over working

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Published on : Friday, June 17, 2022

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Numerous Delta pilots have directly voiced their frustration to the customers regarding over working and flight cancellations. According to their spokesperson they have decided to hit the streets and communicate their problems directly to the customers. The pandemic incurred work load and unequal distribution of work has damaged work life balance of the pilots in Delta. Atlanta based US airlines have been affected by the staff shortage.

Previously Delta Airlines have shortened the summer schedules and cancelled flights due to weather conditions. Air line Pilots Association have shared their opinion that they emphasise and share the frustration. They have even organised a meeting to inform the stakeholders regarding the mismanagement and express their frustration.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian has stated that they can handle the rescheduling urgently but Federal Aviation Administration has to take initiatives to handle the air traffic. He also stated that till date the aviation management has not exceeded the FAA guidelines.

The union has also held an informal picketing at Delta’s annual shareholding meeting on Thursday at New York. Washington has participated in the discussion by sending letters to Delta directly. During the memorial day thousands of flights have been cancelled, which drove the pilots to additional work pressure.

The training and employee management has also gone very disoriented. Delta responded that all the scheduling has been done according to the FAA guidelines. However, the pilots are still finding it really difficult. Delta has also stated that they are working for reducing the work pressure.

The first open letter of Delta pilots to their customers has stated that they have worked on their days offs and double shifts to make people reach their destination. With this rate of over working the total time of over working will exceed 2018 and 2019 together. The Airline industry of US has stated never faced a crisis like this. To secure the trust of the customers it is now inevitable to address the frustration of the pilots.

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