Germany is thinking to suspend the left over Covid-related travel constraints

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Published on : Thursday, June 2, 2022


Germany is thinking to suspend theleft over Covid-related travel constraints on 1st June this yearbefore its top summer tourist season. This postponement will remainin place till the end of August. Even though the relaxation of restrictions is positive news for the German travel industry, the governmental expertswould need to exercise some carefulness. The German tourism industry is expected to receive a welcome improvementdue to thepostponement of the remaining travel restrictions. It would make travel to and from Germany much more convenient, especially with the approachingtop tourism season.

As perGlobalData’s 2021 Global Consumer Survey of Q4 that focuses on consumer attitude toward the pandemicthe respondents of Germany are becoming less worried about the disease and its perils. In Q4, 8% of the respondents said that they are ‘not concerned’, and then a 28% of respondents said that they are just ‘slightly concerned.’

These results exhibit that attitude among German respondents display a more optimisticviewpointof the pandemic. By itself, German inhabitants and businesses are expected to be quite openregarding the idea of welcoming more incoming tourists. This is partly attributed to the comprehensive vaccine programmes, with Germany being one of the most inoculated countries in Europe, with 77.5% of itspopulacehaving received the first dose. 77.5% received the second dose, and 65.6% received the third dose.

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