Government tries best to expand Ur City into a tourist site

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Published on : Friday, May 27, 2022

Ur City into a tourist site

On Thursday, Dhi Qar Antiquities Department, declared that governmental methods are being adhered to host the ancient city of Ur for the purpose of tourism, as per the Iraqi News Agency.

Director of Ur city, Ali Kadhim, said that the local government, the Ministry of Culture and the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers, are highly keen on preparing the ancient city of Ur to start welcoming tourists in huge numbers in the coming days.

Kadhim explained that methods related to tourism necessary services along with constructing the tourist city situated close to the ancient city are being carried on in full-fledged way. The money have already been distributed for the overhaul of the buildings followed by maintenance related works and other facilities in Ur city.

Tourists carry on visiting the Ur city and we thought that tourist number will increase after the developmental works are done, Kadhim added.

Dhi Qar Antiquities Department declared earlier that it distributed 0.9 square kilometers to construct Ur tourist city. The General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers affirmed about the allocation of 10 billion dinars to expand the Ur city.

In the General Secretariat for the Council of Ministers, the concerned committee carries on its meetings to build up the city of Ur. From the fund of Dhi Qar governorate, around 10 billion dinars were allocated during a recent meeting to carry on with the infrastructure of the tourist city.

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