High-spending tourists are the prime look out for the New York City in 2022

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Published on : Wednesday, May 4, 2022

High spending tourists

New York City is now hell-bent to get back its tourists. The city has made a lot of progress since its days in spring 2020 as it turned as the epicenter of the coronavirus and local businesses shut down their doors and the lights in Time Square got almost muted. After two long years, real estate is booming like anything, the famous cocktail bars of the Big Apple have queues of people waiting to get a chance to get inside, and young professionals are returning once again to the city.

Also, tourists once again have started frequenting the Central Park and the Empire State building. However, the city has a long way to go before it reaches the levels that existed during the pre-pandemic days.

In 2022, The New York city is hoped to witness a 70% rise in tourists compared to 2021 to 56.4 million visitors, according to a recent prediction made by the city tourism agency NYC & Company. That’s still less than the 66.6 million visitors the agency in 2019 had predicted but more than doubles the 22.3 million tourists who visited the city in 2020.

NYC & Company in 2022 has said that almost 8 million international tourists will visit the city. It’s well above the 2.4 million during 2020, height of the pandemic times but still far below the 13.5 million visitors from abroad in 2019.

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