How to Protect Your Homes Roof From Water Damage

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Water is a problem for any homeowner, but it becomes especially dangerous for those with leaky roofs. Not only does water lead to mold, mildew, and bug infestations, but it also leads to warped floors and ceilings. Protecting your home roof from water damage is essential, and it can be accomplished in the following ways:

1. Clean Your Gutters Regularly

One of the best ways to prevent water damage is to clean your gutters. It is important not to leave them clogged with leaves and twigs, which can lead to water buildup and eventual damage. Instead, you should take a few minutes every month to clean out your gutters. If you have questions about how to install a gutter, consider hiring a professional home contractor.

2. Install Roofing Tarps

There may be times when your roof will sustain damage, which is when roofing tarps can become useful. If you have a minor water leak that you cannot fix yourself, renting tarps from a home improvement store will help to prevent further water damage. Tarps are also useful for covering pools or large construction projects, as they can help to keep moisture from being absorbed into the ground. Roofing tarps come in a variety of sizes to suit any need. If a tarp is unavailable, try to find a large sheet of plastic that can be placed over the area.

3. Fix Ponding Surfaces

If leaks are in your roof, water can enter the space below. This can lead to a dark and unsightly area, but you can prevent it with a few simple measures. First and foremost, you should look at your home’s roof to know if any sections are damaged or leaking. If there are items that need to be fixed before proceeding, do so immediately. Next, you should ensure all plumbing fixtures on the roof have been properly fixed to prevent debris from entering the pipes. You should also look around your yard to ensure no water leaks from a nearby neighbor’s roof.

4. Add Rain Gutter Guards

Though it may seem an obvious solution, some homeowners may not install rain gutter guards for their houses. If you are one of those people, consider installing these simple devices around the house. Rain gutter guards are typically cheap and easy to install, and they can help to prevent damage to your roof by keeping debris out. These devices come in various sizes, so you can make sure to add them to any part of your home.

5. Inspect Your Roof, Inside, And Out

Even if your roof doesn’t look damaged, you should inspect it regularly. With a few moments of your time, you could find small damages that can be prevented before they become serious problems. Begin by walking across the roof, looking for places where water is seeping in or out. If you find a problem, take the necessary action to resolve it.

6. Repair Damaged Areas

No matter how minor the damage may seem, you should always repair water-damaged areas of your roof. You should do so immediately instead of waiting for the problem to worsen. This is especially important if your roof has sustained any leaks, as you want to ensure that water isn’t dripping through and into your home. This can be done with a simple repair kit, which you can find at most home improvement stores.

7. Perform Regular Maintenance And Inspections

While taking these steps to protect your roof from water damage is essential, it is also important to ensure your roof is being taken care of every day. As a homeowner, you should ask yourself where this responsibility lies. The answer is simple: in your hands. You should be the one to inspect and maintain your roof, as this will ensure that everything is in good condition.

8. Be Careful When Covered In Snow

As a homeowner, you should always take precautions when it snows. Roofs can become slippery, especially near the top, where they meet the roof’s edge. When this happens, you should take extra care while walking around your house. If you do not have other options, you can always stick a tarp near the top of your roof to prevent snow from falling in.

9. Repair Shingles That Have Been Damaged

Sometimes, people will find their shingles damaged by hail or other weather events. Though it may seem like a simple and insignificant problem to solve, repairing damage is an important part of keeping your roof healthy and safe. When dealing with shingles, it is best to call a professional, as doing so will ensure that everything is repaired properly.


Water is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to your home, which is why it is important to protect your roof from damage. The tips mentioned above should be enough to keep your home safe from water damage, which can cause many problems. With a little bit of work each month, you will improve the condition of your home’s roof and make sure it remains leak-free for years to come.

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