How to Run a Successful Voice Marketing Campaign

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Voice marketing refers to any advertising communication via a platform that uses speech as the medium rather than text. It is simply using voice to promote your product, brand, or service in a way that will capture the attention of those around you. There are many benefits to running a voice marketing campaign as opposed to other forms of communication like email marketing campaigns and banner ads.

The main benefit is that communication via voice directly impacts consumer behavior that traditional marketing methods do not. Additionally, voice marketing is an engaging way to create a highly personalized communication experience between your brand and the consumer. The technology and tools available are simple, cost-efficient, and easy to use. Here are some tips for running a successful voice marketing campaign:

1. Choose the Right Medium

One of the first steps in running a successful voice marketing campaign is to choose the right medium. You need to choose a channel that can capture your audience’s interest, whether it’s through mobile phones, television, or radio. Consider the environment your target audience is likely to be in, and choose a medium you know is easy to access there.

You also consider using multiple channels to target your audience, whether your primary channel is digital or not. Using a mix of channels will allow you to reach more people and gain more exposure. Consider the additional benefits of voice marketing:

2. Understand Your Audience

When running a voice marketing campaign, you must understand your customer. This will help you to effectively tailor your messaging to resonate with that person’s needs. There are many different ways to learn about an audience based on demographics, preferences, or lifestyle information.

Since voice marketing allows you to tailor messaging to a certain audience, you must take the right steps in engaging with your target audience. This means finding out what motivates them and the types of messages that sound natural to them. While you want to create a customized marketing campaign, offering value these people appreciate and understand is still important.

3. Create User-Friendly Features

Another way to run a successful voice marketing campaign is to create an experience that makes it easy for your target audience to engage with you. This might be as simple as using clear and concise messages or structuring the different parts of your campaign.

For example, you might have a question-and-answer line where the audience can respond to questions or issues. You can provide them with a link to a webpage that includes additional information on their response or issue.

Additionally, you can provide an easy-to-follow contact form directly from the campaign site they are engaging with. If they are on social media, you could even put up a tweet or Facebook post where they can easily give feedback or ask questions. This will help them capture their target audience’s attention and reduce potential clicks away from the ad itself.

4. Develop a Voice-Centric Website

Voice marketing offers a different way to connect with your audience. For this reason, you need to create a website optimized for voice. This includes a clear and easy-to-access website for customers to learn about your brand and product. It ideally also includes a way for customers to engage with your voice marketing campaign.

Creating a voice-centric website allows you to provide key information about your product or service that can resonate with your target audience. It allows you to communicate openly with them and address their concerns before making a purchase decision.

5. Keep it Short

In running a successful voice marketing campaign, it’s important to deliver your message in the most effective way possible. You don’t want to give too much information at once, as this can overwhelm people and cause them to tune out. In addition, your customers aren’t likely to pay attention to your message for long periods. So, you’ll want to deliver a short and engaging message that isn’t overbearing.

You don’t have the same amount of time to communicate your message as you do with other mediums. This means communicating your messages as clearly and concisely as possible without fluffing up the content with unnecessary information. There are various ways to do this, and one way is partnering with voice broadcasting services to help you create a relevant message.


6. Create a Consistent Brand Experience

When running a voice marketing campaign, you must keep your brand consistent in portraying it to customers. You need the same branding on your website, ads, and all other media outlets. You also want to focus on generating leads and maintaining customer loyalty.

This will also help you improve brand recall, an important metric to consider when running a voice marketing campaign. Brand recall is the ability of consumers to remember or recognize your product or service brand. In addition, it helps you to build a better relationship with your customers by keeping them engaged and making them feel connected.



The Voice marketing campaign world is on the rise and will continue to grow. It provides a new and engaging way for businesses to connect with their consumers. With so many opportunities for success, try out some of these tips, and see how your business can benefit from them.

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