How To Style Your Antique Jewellery Creatively

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Jewellery lovers have an unending love with their collection. This is why you would often find them keeping timeless pieces intact for years. Even the antique jewellery from the mothers and grandmothers’ collection find special place in their cabinet. Now throwing the antique jewellery away turns out to an impossible task since they are so authentic and traditional.

If you too are a jewellery lover who is just not ready to discard the antique jewellery, it’s time to learn a trick or two about how to become a pro at styling them. This article can become your go-to guide in repurposing and restyling the antique jewellery. Let’s begin!

  1. Style Temple Jewellery With Black Dresses

The intricate designs and carvings of temple jewellery is enough to entice anyone. And if you thought that sarees are the only pieces of cloth you can style this jewellery with, you are wrong.

Get your creative side on and style the temple jewellery with black dresses. It can be a kurti or even a black shirt. You can also wear a bracelet with a black dress and show your modern yet traditional style. Other pieces like nose rings and chokers can also go well with a black top and skirt.

  • Stack the Rings

Rings are minimalistic jewellery pieces that add the much-needed grace and femininity to your overall look. If you have antique rings, you can wear them in stacks. Try to bring a multiple metals together to create a boho look.

But if you have gold rings, then go simple and minimalist. Just let the gold shine and show its royal touch. They are also good for small functions such as engagement parties or a family get together.

  • Restyle the Pieces

Who said that you have to wear a necklace like a necklace only? Wearing jewellery should be fun and exciting. One way for that is to restyle it. For instance, if you have an antique choker, wear it as an armband instead of donning it as a necklace. Or use a brooch to create a stunning maang tikka!

You can also add the brooches to your handbag to make a graceful accessory. Similarly, jhumkas and earrings can be tucked to the dupattas to create unique neck pieces. Play with the antique jewellery pieces and impress everyone with your creativity.

  • Antique Jhumkas Never Go Out Of Fashion

If there is one piece of jewellery that can never fail to impress us, it is a pair of gorgeous jhumkas. Visit any jewellery store in Mumbai or Delhi, you would find antique jhumkas and earrings still being the best sellers.

Whether they are small or huge, jhumkas can be easily styled with plenty of outfits. They are also perfect to create an indo-western look by pairing with kurti and jeans. To accentuate the whole look, wear a small black bindi and you are good to go. If the jhumkas are big, tie your hair in a messy bun to highlight the beauty of the earrings.

  • Embrace the Bracelets

Antique bracelets look classy and sophisticated. So, those who want to add variety and class to their outfit should definitely think about them. They can be paired with watches too and if the bracelets are light, you can stack multiple bracelets. One can also try different colours and metals to bring in creativity. Just make sure that your focus should not be at wearing too many jewellery pieces. So, you can try to tone down other jewellery pieces to ensure your bracelets are the centre of attraction.

There is also one tip. When wearing multiple bracelets, it is good to stick with odd numbers. So, try 3 or 5 bracelets instead of 2 or 4.

The Takeaway

While styling antique jewellery, remember that there is no right or wrong way to adorn them. You just need to have the right attitude and love for jewellery. The styling part will come on its own. So, go ahead and create your own remarkable look!

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