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Are you a band lover? Then you might also love these antique band t-shirts. These are iconic t-shirts that were produced around the ’80s. One of the antiques is the rock band t-shirt. These are trendy, and people have loved to wear these band t-shirts for decades. 

These band t-shirts go well with sweatshirts, thermals, and other winter wear. Whether the occasion is a birthday or any other party, these band t-shirts are a great option. You can wear these t-shirts even if you are not a band fan.

And, rock band t-shirts can be a great combination for skirts, shorts, or pants. 

Various band t-shirts listed below can be a great option for any occasion-

Rock band t-shirts: Rock band t-shirts always benefits you. You have an excellent taste in music if you buy those. These can be bought from almost all the online stores.

The average price of these rock band t-shirts is Rs.400 to Rs.600, which is not too higher. Moreover, these rock band t-shirts are made up of premium quality material such that the color does not fade away even after multiple washes. 

These t-shirts come in various sizes such as small, medium, large, extra-large, double extra-large, etc. And these t-shirts are also machine washable.

  1. Vintage band tees:

If you are looking for the coolest t-shirts, these tees can be a great choice. These tees represent great music. 

These were introduced in the market somewhere around the 1960s and had been rocking since the 70s. The original vintage band tees have completely frayed or blanked tags. That’s the way one has to identify the antique vintage band tees.

Due to the high demand and popularity of these vintage band t-shirts, the starting price is more than 5000/-. 

  1. Vintage band t-shirts:

These t-shirts are always ripped to shreds and torn with occasional paint splatter. This makes a vintage band t-shirt just authentic!

It also has a natural fade, making them one of the best ways to identify. And the prints also can be disappeared after so many washes. 

There is a slight blend of rayon in the fabric used to fabricate the vintage band t-shirts. This even increases its value. This can be 50-50 poly cotton. The 100 percent cotton fabrics may shrink more than the 50-50 ones. 

  1. Vintage rock t-shirts:

These days, vintage rock clothing has always been rocking the music collectibles. One of the brand’s cardigans was worn once by Kurt Cobain, which was later sold at an auction for $137,500. This shows what a range of this vintage rock is. If you have vintage rock t-shirts or cardigans, you may know the real value of these t-shirts. If you have a hobby or collection of t-shirts, you should never miss out on these vintage rock t-shirts. So, grab your favorite one and add it to your music collection!


Band t-shirts related to music concerts are among the greatest options available if you love music t-shirts collections. Starting from rock band t-shirts to the vintage band tees or the vintage band t-shirts, these are just the best options that add a classy look to your wardrobe.

The average price of these band t-shirts is not much and can be affordable, especially for music t-shirt lovers. 

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