In 2023, tourism of France is hoped to exceed pre-pandemic levels

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Published on : Friday, May 27, 2022

tourism of France

The World Travel & Tourism Council has disclosed that France’s travel and tourism sector will drive the revival of its national economy and in 2023 has chance to even exceed the pre-pandemic levels, when it’s anticipated to grow 2.2% above 2019 levels.

The prediction from the recent Economic Impact Report of WTTC highlights the contribution of the sector to the country’s GDP and its possibility to reach over €216 billion by 2023.

Within tourism, employment could also surpass the levels of 2019, creating almost 90,000 jobs and by the end of next year, representing roughly 2.8 million. The travel and tourism’s GDP is hoped to rise at an average of 2.8% every year over the next decade, as per the global Tourism body’s recent information, more than twice the 1.3% growth rate of the overall economy of the country, to achieve almost €264 billion.

Also, the forecast discloses that France’s tourism sector is hoped to generate over 385,000 jobs in the coming 10 years. Every year, this would average over 38,000 new jobs, reaching almost three million employed within tourism by 2032.
By the end of 2022, the contribution of tourism to GDP is anticipated to increase 24.3% to more than €200 billion. This would amount to 7.8% of the total economic GDP. Employment in tourism is expected to grow at a slower rate at 3.1%, reaching almost 2.7 million jobs.

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