In Japan, mikoshi fest inaugurates tourism sector’s reopening

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Published on : Monday, June 6, 2022

In Japan mikoshi fest

In Japan, a religious palanquin named ‘mikoshi’, which is a holy shrine is strolling all through the crowd and spectators enjoying as they are witnessing this event to their hearts content after the long pandemic break. In three years, from the Asakusa shrine area, for the first time, three Mikoshis were carried out. A musical band actually led these sacred shrines and lined up in a row.

At first into one Mikoshi, 1,000 carriers crowded but to stop the spread of infection, the number of carriers was restricted to 100 by attaching tires to it. However, on the street several spectators assembled to watch the portable shrines for the first time in three years being carried all over the city. In Japan, Asakusa, is one of the most famous tourism cities in the country. It remains packed with international tourists because of Senso-ji temple, ancient sweet shops and other famous attractions.

Nevertheless, the number of tourists coming to the city has dropped from 30% to 2% due to the new coronavirus. In front of the Senso-ji temple ground, the Nakamise shopping street got impacted due to COVID. The Nakamise shopping street which was always thronged by several tourists from abroad was also affected.

The government of the country has declared that now on the entry of foreign nationals, it will make restrictions simple. Japan will also accept foreign tourists from this month.

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