In May, 5,562 tourists from India visited Sri Lanka

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Published on : Wednesday, June 8, 2022

India visited Sri Lanka

In May 2022, India has come up as the top inbound tourist market of Sri Lanka, even as there is a drop in the arrivals of tourists on a cumulative effort because of country’s continuing financial and political situation, the tourism authority on Tuesday confirmed on this.

From India in May, around 5,562 tourists visited Sri Lanka followed by 3,723 from the UK, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority confirmed on the same. Though, in May, the cumulative arrivals of visitors have been halved compared to the month of April.

The statement said that in May, the total number of tourists from abroad to Sri Lanka was 30,207. In May, tourist arrivals have declined by 52% compared to April. It’s 72% compared to March 2022. Up till May, it recorded highest number of tourist arrivals.

The UK topped the list in April in terms of foreign tourists in Sri Lanka with almost 11,500 visitors from UK, followed by India with 8,678.

In May, the drop in tourist arrival happened because of the impacts of the economic and political situation that’s prevalent in the country at this moment. In Sri Lanka, tourism industry is an important forex earner.

Sri Lanka has been struggling hard with unprecedented financial commotion from the time of its independence in 1948 from the hands of Britain. Also, the monetary crisis has created political turbulence in the island country.

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