India aiming to become a global semiconductor center in the coming years

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022

global semiconductor center

India is aiming to become a global semiconductor center in the coming years. It is preparing to fund $30 billion for its technology division to attainliberation on chips, so that it isn’t “held hostage” to internationalproviders.

The Director-general of the India-Taipei Association Gourangalal Das, which is India’s de-facto embassy in Taipei, said that India would increase local manufacture of chips along with displays, innovative chemicals, telecom and networking gear, batteries and electronics.

Mr. Das said that there is an upsurge in demand for semiconductors. By 2030, the demand for India semiconductor will reach $110 billion. Around that time, it will probably be more than 10 per cent of global demand.

India and Taiwan are trudgingfast to sign the much anticipated Free Trade Agreement (FTA) which will have majoremphasis on devising a semiconductor development hub in India by a companyin Taiwan.

If this becomes a reality, it would be a win-win circumstance for both countries, as India seeks to developas a worldwide semiconductor production hub and Taiwan wishes to move its trade from China.

The government of India recently declared an expenditure of Rs. 76,000 crore or $10 billionas part of its production linked incentive (PLI) arrangement, exclusively for the improvement of display engineering electronics ecosystem and semiconductor.

Mr. Das said that India is open to partnerships with Taiwanese technology gamers who are equipped with semiconductor, electronics and show manufacturing knowledge.

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