India grabs 54th place in a global travel and tourism development index

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Published on : Thursday, May 26, 2022

Indians with new attractions

India grabbed the 54th place in a global travel and tourism development index, going down the rank from 46th in 2019. However, India still remained on the top in South Asia.

Japan topped the global charts. It was followed by the US, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, the UK, Singapore and Italy in the list of top 10.

The World Economic Forum’s two-yearly travel and tourism study projected a recovering sector after the pandemic started subsiding. However, the recovery has been roughwith expected and unexpected challenges.

The Travel and Tourism Development Index evaluates 117 economies, and identifiesimportant factors for aiding sustainable and strong growth of travel and tourism economies.

Lauren Uppink, the Head of Aviation of Travel and Tourism at the World Economic Forum saidthat Covid-19 closures have put a lot of emphasis on the important influencethat travel and tourism createson many economies throughout the world.

Uppink added that as theworld gradually moves away from the pandemic, economies need to invest towardcoming up with a strong and buoyant environment for providing the travel and tourism experience and services for the future.

On the whole, international tourism and business travel is still quite below the levels of pre-pandemic times. However, the tourism segment’ssalvagehas largely beenboosted by increased vaccination rates, resumption of more open travel, along with growing response for domestic and nature-based tourism.

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