Intensifying tourism activities with Labuan

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Published on : Tuesday, May 3, 2022

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The private tourism players in Johor and Labuan have adopted effective measures to increase activities and promotion related to tourism in both the destinations.

Edwin Tay, Malaysian Chinese Tourism Association Johor chapter chairman, explained that it would carry on playing its role of advertising the attractions of the state, including potential tourists from Labuan.

“Perhaps it is because of our geographical locations and the lack of direct flights between Johor and Labuan,” he said, mentioning to the inadequate knowledge of the residents of Labuan has about Johor’s tourism offerings and vice versa.

“We recently held a business-to- business exchange meeting with tourism operators from Labuan to give them a deeper understanding of Johor so they can better promote our tourism products.”

“I also hope similar action can be taken by Johor and Labuan tourism agencies such as Tourism Johor to strengthen ties and improve the state’s tourism sector,” he said in an interview.

Tay also mentioned that talks during the meeting with MCTA Labuan chapter chairman, Tan Poh Tong, went well. It saw the participation of over 40 tourism players from Johor and 90 tourism buyers from all over Malaysia.

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