Introducing MUSE, “The Muse of Beers,” at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

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Published on : Monday, June 13, 2022

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MÚZSA, the stunning Art Nouveau craft cocktail bar situated in the lobby of the iconic Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, has entered into a special collaboration with one of the country’s most renowned breweries, MONYO Brewing, and Gizella Winery in Tokaj, to create a limited edition, bespoke craft beer for the bar.

In preparation for the summer season, MÚZSA introduces two new craft beers: MUSE and MUSE Kajszi (Hungarian for apricot), aged in aszu barrels at Gizella Winery in Tokaj, Hungary’s most famous wine region. The MUSE is an elegant Aszu Barrel Aged Imperial Saison, while the MUSE Kajszi is an Aszu Barrel Aged Imperial Apricot Saison, brewed with freshly harvested apricot juice.

Both saison beers are stronger brews that are dense and nutritious, with a slightly sour flavour that makes them very refreshing to drink. This unique beer style is enjoying its renaissance in Belgium and in modern craft beer brewing.

“Wood-barrel ageing is very fashionable in craft brewing these days, with distilleries using mostly spirits (whisky, rum) barrels for ageing. For this collaboration it was important to us to highlight iconic Hungarian signature offerings, and this is why we chose to partner with Gizella Winery in Tokaj. This is how the sweet Aszu Barrel-Aged Imperial Saison was born. The notes of apricot, honey and citrus thanks to the dry barrel ageing add an extra layer to the beer,” says Botond Prischetzky, Head of the MONYO brand.

“We envisaged creating ‘the Muse of Beers.’ We were able to achieve this goal thanks to our collaboration with MONYO – a local brewery possessing strong craftsmanship skills, just like MÚZSA bar. Through the Aszu Barrel Aged Imperial Apricot Saison beer we wished to focus on authentic Hungarian flavours, like the ever-popular apricot,” says Ádám Rédli, Múzsa’s Head Bartender.

The limited edition Aszu Barrel Aged Imperial Saison is available exclusively at MÚZSA, packaged in a 0.375 ml champagne bottle and sealed with a cork stopper. The Aszu Barrel Aged Imperial Apricot Saison will be available in MÚZSA following the summer.

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