Investment in Saudi tourism has not stopped despite the aftermaths of the pandemic

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Published on : Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Saudi tourism

Investment in the tourism sector of Saudi Arabia has not stoppedin spite of the aftermaths of the COVID-19 pandemic, said the Saudi TourismMinister Nayef Fayez.

Fayezaddressed a dialogue session organized by the Jordanian Economic Forum (JEF). He said that the determination to announce tourism-related projects, whether they are tourist hotels, restaurants or souvenir shops, has not stopped.

Fayez cited the inaugural of the Ritz-Carlton in Amman, which will give rise to 500 job opportunities.

Fayez evaluated thefeatures of Jordan’s national tourism strategy for 2021-2025 and its implementation procedures. He added that it aims to advance the Kingdom’s tourism product, marketing,human resources, reforms,management and heritage preservation.

With the help of this strategy, the minister said that Jordan is aiming to exceed the figures of 2019,growing tourist numbers by 2025 to surpass the rates of2019, when Jordanwitnessed 5.3 million visitors.

Fayez said that by 2024, this effort is focusing to achieve tourism revenueakin to those of 2019, which totaled JD4.1 billion.In 2023, the Kingdom also aims to increase direct employment in the tourism sector to surpass 2019 figures.

Fayez added that tourism income and tourist numbers last yearoutdid the aimof 1.9 million visitors.The Kingdom witnessed around 2.36 million tourists last year, which is 90 per cent more than in 2020.

Fayez said that tourism profits in 2021 totaled JD1.9 billion.

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