Japan all set to welcome foreign visitors

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Published on : Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Trail tour cancelled in Japan

Following more than two years of locked border rules, Japan is once again looking forward to welcome back international travelers starting this week.

On June 10, foreign tourists who would be travelingby packaged tours can arrivein Japan.

However, the Japan government’s priority is still boosting the number of domestic tourists, opined Tadashi Shimura, the President of the Japan Association of Travel Agents.

Before the pandemic spread globally, domestic tourism contributed a lot more toward Japan’s gross domestic product on the whole compared to foreign tourism, said JATA.

Tourism in generaladded 28 trillion Yen to Japan’s economy in 2019. From that amount, almost 80% or 22 trillion Yen came from domestic tourists, as per a report furnished by the Japan Tourism Agency.

In spite of an increase in Covid-19 cases in 2021, tourism spending from people residing in Japan still managed to fetch in 9.2 trillion Yen that same year, said the JTA.

However, it is still important to boost international arrivals in Japan, particularly for the harshly affected hospitality, travel and transportation sectors.

In 2019, Japan witnessedaround 32 million foreign visitors and it is gearing up to welcome its ambition of welcoming 40 million visitors in 2022. Ejaz Ahmed, who is a research analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit, said this during a webinar on the 1st of June this year.

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