Japan sees slow tourism recovery after one week of reopening

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Published on : Saturday, June 18, 2022


After over two years, world’s one of the most preferred travel destinations have reopened its doors for the tourists. Yet few came in.

At the Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on June 10th, un-exhausted yet-enthusiastic travelers following a flag-carrying tour guide were seen when Japan reopened its borders formally and doubled the limit of entry on a daily basis to almost 20,000 visitors. The Japanese National Tourism Organization explained that it does not have any information on weekly tour groups as some tour operators haven’t yet started their visits.

Japan’s government on May 2022 disclosed with limited display, a campaign to start off allowing visitors with their spending money. The associated restrictions comprised mask-wearing on a mandatory basis, temperature checks and free movement with restrictions along with a comparatively short notice, made things difficult to attract visitors.

Andy Eastham, a spokesman at Wendy Wu Tours said that even on June 10, we were not quite certain if there would be any change in the last minutes. Wendy Wu Tours is the largest operator for tourists from Australia, UK and New Zealand coming to Japan. So from commercial and product viewpoint, we cannot do anything until we are absolutely certain that Japan was open once again.

Japan was at the pinnacle of a boom in tourism before 2019 with inbound visitors reaching a record height. At present, it’s one of the last remaining rich economies having stringent controls at the borders.

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