Kerala Tourism embarks on marketing campaign to uphold its caravan tourism

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Published on : Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Caravan Tourism package

Kerala Tourism has initiated arigorous marketing resourcefulness to display and uphold its “game-changing” caravan tourism initiative across India. This project has been branded ‘Keravan Kerala’, and it hasexhibited interest from shareholdersand is on its way to have more than 1,000 caravans working in Kerala.

Nearly 150 caravan parks would be developed shortly as part of the Kerala government’s stakeholder and tourist-friendly caravan tourism rule. There is a lot ofenthusiasm from entrepreneurs for running 280 tourist caravans and operating 148 caravan parks all overKerala. A caravan park has been set up at Wagamon in Idukki. Few caravans are presently in operation.

Mohamed Riyas, the Kerala Tourism Minister said that this projectis asincere initiative which has given rise to warm reaction from the industry. A large number of prospectivestakeholdersare expressing interest for building caravan parks and operating caravans across Kerala.

Minister Riyas said that the caravan strategyis atactical shift to present Kerala before the worldwide audience, which isfounded on the idea of ‘exploring the unexplored’ throughout the year. Caravan tourism hasa hugepossibility to turn into a game-changer for Kerala’s tourism sector which has undergonea lot of setbackdue to the pandemic. Hence, there is a plan to launch aforceful pan-India promotion for giving the tourism sector of the state a huge impetus.

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