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Levi has short, straight dark hair styled in an undercut shade, as well as thin, threatening dull dim eyes with dark circles under them and a beguilingly energetic face. He is very short, yet his body is well-developed in muscular build from broad vertical moving gear use. He is normally either grimacing or bland; that, in addition to his very quiet attitude, frequently makes it hard for others to think about the thing he is thinking.

He is most frequently found in his Survey Corps uniform, with a light dark button-up shirt under, alongside his brand name white ascot. While setting out on endeavors outside the Walls, he additionally wears the Survey Corps’ green hooded shroud. Once, when compelled to withdraw from his obligations because of injury, Levi was found in a dark suit, plain white shirt, ascot, and dress shoes.[citation needed] However, starting from the start of the rebellion, he has left the ascot off. For more often than not during which the Survey Corps was on the run from the military and government, he just wore his vertical moving hardware bridle over relaxed clothes.[citation needed]

After a nearby experience blast from a Thunder Spear set off by Zeke Yeager,

Levi currently has a few scars across his face including one across his right eye and is missing both the file and center fingers on his right hand.


Because of his youth years, Levi is portrayed as a “perfect oddity” by the people who know him by and by as he favors his current circumstance and himself to be flawlessly spotless. He is unwilling to having either himself or his hardware ruined, and has been known to wipe down his blood-spread edges while still on the war zone. Nonetheless, he won’t hold back to contact foulness assuming that he considers it significant

In spite of his distraction with tidiness, Levi isn’t truly receptive. He seldom shows feeling, giving a chilly impression to other people. His way of talking will in general be exceptionally dull, in any event, annoying, and his remarks are frequently coarse or unseemly. He isn’t above inciting or putting down the individuals who go against or disturb him. His comical inclination inclines toward the indecent, annoying, and dim. Each of this makes him disrupting to an incredible number of individuals.

In his pre-Survey Corps criminal life, when he resided in the Underground City, Levi wouldn’t take orders from anybody (as Petra Ral tells Eren), however he put an extraordinary confidence in his confidants, something he would later do with his subordinates. In any case, after he joined the Survey Corps, he came to significantly regard Commander Erwin Smith, whose orders he follows readily in light of the fact that he confides in Erwin’s vision for the Corps.

Levi’s submission is completely restricted to people he regards, and he has no issue showing open contempt for power from anybody beyond this circle. At Eren’s court, he offended the shippers by referring to them as “pigs” and let the Military Police know that they were not sufficiently capable to deal with Eren, taunting a few MPs by seeing that they have never fought or even seen a solitary Titan. He even cynically recommends that they join the Survey Corps, which made them ease off. He straightforwardly disdains a large portion of the MPs for their ceaseless endeavors to sabotage the Survey Corps, and furthermore probably due to the criminal life he drove before he joined the Corps.

In spite of the fact that he seldom shows it, Levi has serious areas of strength for an of profound quality and sympathy. One of his most principal qualities is the incredible worth he puts on safeguarding human existence; this is particularly shown when it was uncovered that all Titans could have once been human themselves. The prospect that he had unwittingly been killing people this time upsets him extraordinarily. However Levi bore no vindictiveness against Eren, he was able to fall back on viciousness to save his life at his court, in the long run finding out if he detested him for the beating. Levi himself has expressed that he loathes pointless setbacks, and he advises his subordinates to utilize their judgment so they can keep away from goofs that might cost them their lives.

In light of their risky calling and his own qualities, he really focuses extraordinarily on his subordinates’ government assistance. This is seen a few times: when requested to withdraw ahead of schedule to Wall Rose toward the finish of the sad 57th Expedition, Levi was noticeably upset that so many of his fighters had kicked the bucket on an unproductive mission. Afterward, he put his life in extreme danger against the Female Titan to recover Eren from her mouth and furthermore to safeguard to Mikasa, who had pursued her wildly searching for retribution. As they returned the entryway, Petra’s dad moved toward him, happily discussing his girl and her steadfast commitment to the Survey Corps. Unbeknownst to him, his little girl had recently been killed; Levi stayed quiet, he was too despondent to answer. Levi was apparently impacted by the deficiency of his whole unique Special Operations Squad because of the Female Titan, expressing that he conveys the desire of his fallen companions, and that their aggregate resentment against the Titans further reinforces his determination to keep on battling.

Regardless of his dutifulness to Erwin, Levi works rather freely. A considerable lot of his Titan kills are solo, refined with minimal direct participation from different warriors (because of him as a rule doling out them to chase different Titans nearby). In spite of the fact that he is gazed upward to by a larger number of people, and he makes sure to orders when vital, Levi doesn’t see himself as a forerunner similarly Erwin is. He doesn’t appear to have a lot of need for order as a rule, and he surrenders choices to his subordinates as frequently as possible.

However Levi knows that his fight expertise is in an alternate association from that of practically some other human trooper alive, he isn’t presumptuous about it, as he probably is aware as a matter of fact that no human warrior is safe. Barely any will contend with his cases that no one but he can deal with specific troublesome errands, since he has demonstrated his capacity to achieve them.

While Levi shows unwaveringness and sympathy for his confidants, he goes for the kill without hesitation towards the Titans, butchering them aimlessly with clear lack of concern. Be that as it may, when the Titans are previous companions and subordinates, Levi can momentarily delay and keep thinking about whether they are as yet mindful of their activities while caught inside their Titan structures; in any case, Levi has shown no issue in killing them. While managing people he sees to be adversaries to humanity, Levi is equipped for acting cruelly, even perniciously. For instance, when the Female Titan was caught, Levi handed-off his happiness at watching her endure and depicted in chilling subtlety how he expected to disfigure her human body. He has likewise tormented Djel Sannes with Hange Zoë, punching him and contorting his generally broken nose. Subsequent to overcoming Zeke Yeager a subsequent time, he savagely clarified that he planned to torment Zeke for his violations against Paradis and the Survey Corps, piercing him with a Thunder Spear. Levi shows no feeling during these times beside bloodlust, shown by his deliberately cutting separated Zeke’s legs.

Levi is infrequently known to lose his quiet attitude and to utilize dangers or viciousness to get others to pay attention to him, regardless of whether they are individual individuals from the corps. An illustration of such way of behaving was shown when he straightforwardly requested Historia Reiss to assume the job of sovereign when the inquiry was introduced to her. At the point when she shakily says she is ill suited, he gets her and takes her off the ground, stifling her and advising her to retaliate in the event that she could do without it. He then drops her and shouts at her to settle on her choice, yet is anyway quiet indeed when she agrees with his requests


Levi is the child of Kuchel Ackerman, a whore who worked in the Underground and was made pregnant by one of her clients. At some point, Kenny Ackerman, Kuchel’s more established sibling, came to the city to see her just to observe that she was dead.

There, he found a youthful and dirty Levi sitting before his mom’s bed.

In an uncommon appearance of empathy, Kenny chose to deal with him. He raised Levi also as he could: showing him blade abilities, how to coexist with individuals, and rough way of behaving. Levi likewise figured out how to utilize his own internal power that he had as an individual from the Ackerman clan.

Time elapsed and in the long run, Kenny showed Levi all that he knew. Nonetheless, he didn’t see himself as a decent dad figure.

One day, in the underground city, Levi stirred something up which he won without any problem. At that point, Kenny chose to abandon him, fulfilled that he had shown Levi the abilities he expected to survive.

Afterward, he turned into a famous hooligan in the underground however in the long run passed on the spot to join the Survey Corps.

Although he was in conflict with Erwin, he wound up becoming quite possibly of his most confided in man.


Ilse’s Notebook

While on a campaign past the Walls, Levi and Hange recuperate the note pad of a warrior named Ilse Langnar. Subsequent to perusing the items in the diary, Levi is left paralyzed and remarks that it is what Ilse passed on for.

Skipper Levi

Levi is seen leaving Trost District, alongside the remainder of the Survey Corps, on the 56th Expedition Beyond the Walls — that very day the Colossus Titan goes after the region.

While on the endeavor, Levi sees a warrior trapped in the jaws of a close by Titan and kills it. As additional Titans approach, Levi orders Petra Ral to deal with the harmed trooper while he deals with the excess Titans. Subsequent to clearing the prompt region, Levi minds the harmed fighter, who is rapidly surrendering to his wounds. While trying to comfort the scout in his perishing minutes, Levi guarantees him that he has carried out his responsibility well. As the officer kicks the bucket, Erwin shows up and illuminates Levi that they are getting back to Trost. Levi is reluctant to turn around unexpectedly early, is compelled to yield when Erwin illuminates him that Wall Rose has perhaps been penetrated.

Clash of Trost District curve

Levi shows up back in Trost so as to find two Titans overwhelming four troopers at the foundation of the Wall. He rapidly kills the Titans, and requests that the warriors update him on what has happened.

After three days, after Eren awakens in the prison underneath the town hall, Levi guarantees him that the higher-ups will allow him to join the Survey Corps — and that he, when all is said and done, will ensure Eren doesn’t go crazy. Should that occur, Levi says, he won’t hold back to end Eren’s life.

The Female Titan curve

After Eren issues a verbal test to the crowd during his preliminary, Levi fiercely beats him on the spot, jokingly seeing that while fastened kneeling down, Eren is impeccably positioned for his kicks. Armin needs to control an irritated Mikasa from acting the hero and killing Levi. She scowls at Levi after the preliminary, apparently terrifying him. Obscure to Mikasa, the beating was a demonstration with regards to Eren that gave the feeling that in spite of Eren’s fearsome Titan powers, Levi (and likewise, the remainder of humankind) may as yet control him.

After the preliminary, Levi hands Eren over to his Special Operations Squad for the following month. They move into the old Survey Corps HQ inside Wall Rose. Levi orders Eren to rest in the palace prison so that assuming he coincidentally changes, he won’t cause problems. During this month, Hange conducts examinations to attempt to get Eren to change. On the off chance that Eren runs wild in Titan structure, Levi plans to remove him of the scruff in a way that would cut off his human appendages, which would come back regardless. Nonetheless, Eren neglects to change, and his hands don’t recuperate from his nibbles. The Squad chooses to defer any further experiments.

At some point, while having tea with them, Eren hangs over to get a spoon and inadvertently creates an incomplete Titan body. The frightened Squad undermines him, and Levi needs to stop the situation. Levi tells Eren not to think about their activities literally, and that they mean well. Afterward, after Hange makes sense of why Eren set off his Titan structure, Levi’s whole crew rebuffs themselves, and apologizes to Eren for following up on assumption.

During the 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls, Levi and his group are requested to ride in the most secure region of Erwin’s arrangement. At the point when the development is out of nowhere gone after by a swarm of Titans coming at their right flank, they head in a different direction toward the Titan Forest, and Levi’s crew takes the focal route.

When the Female Titan shows up, his crew asks Levi to provide them orders, however he keeps on riding forward and gaze directly ahead.

Eren gravely needs to change and battle the Female Titan, yet Petra and her friends encourage him to trust them, and Eren hesitates.

Levi lets Eren know that he is basically dead on for needing to change and that no one can know the right decision until after they have made it. Anything Eren decides to do, Levi says, he ought to get it done and accept he won’t think twice about it. Eren then pronounces that he confides in totally in his crew’s triumph, and they continue onward through the Forest.

This empowers the Survey Corps to catch the Female Titan.

Without further ado subsequently, Levi gets isolated from his crew. He reunites with Erwin and plans to extricate the human in charge of the Female Titan from the scruff of her neck.

He and Mike assault her and attempt to cut her hands, just to find her capacity to solidify her skin. After Erwin orders the guns to be stacked with explosives and focused on the Female Titan’s wrists, Levi, remaining on her head, insults her with dangers of viciousness, telling her he might want to confront her in her human structure over the passings of endless of his troopers. Accordingly, the Female Titan starts to roar. Shortly later, Titans come at her from all bearings and gobble up her. On Erwin’s organization, Levi and the remainder of the Survey Corps world class attempt to shield her from them, however they bomb because of the sheer number of Titans. Erwin orders the Corps to withdraw back to the Karanes District. However, Erwin noticed that the steam from the Titan bodies will make it hard so that the remainder of the Survey Corps could see the sign flares. He then understands that the human inside the Female Titan might have gotten away, and he arranges Levi to recharge his gas canisters and blades.

After the Female Titan returns and kills Levi’s whole crew and catches Eren, he and Mikasa combine efforts to safeguard him. Levi advises Mikasa to divert the Titan however try not to attempt to kill her, since she can solidify her skin.

Levi then continues to go after the Female Titan, and after a progression of fruitful assaults, he debilitates her. Seeing that the Female Titan is presently defenseless, Mikasa ignores Levi’s requests and endeavors to kill the individual inside the Titan. Nonetheless, the Female Titan swings her solidified clench hand at Mikasa, and Levi is compelled to haul Mikasa far removed. While doing this, Levi harms his left leg.

Using the energy he acquired from the last assault, Levi then continues to slices through the Female Titan’s facial muscles, making her open her mouth and delivery Eren. He snatches Eren and escapes with Mikasa, whom he reproves for having endangered her “exceptional companion” for vengeance.

As he leaves, he takes another gander at the beaten Female Titan and is apparently shocked to see it crying

As they enter Karanes subsequent to withdrawing, the Survey Corps gets an unfriendly reaction from general society for their bombed mission. Levi is moved toward by Petra’s dad, who uncovers that she kept in touch with him as often as possible. He lets Levi know that, as a dad, he is stressed over Petra’s choice to devote her life to him, as she is still very youthful and has a long and promising life to look forward to. Levi keeps on strolling quietly ahead without responding.

A couple of days after the fact, Eren is gathered to the Capitol for a preliminary to determine his destiny. Ahead of time, Levi, Erwin, Eren, and different survivors rejoin in the old Survey Corps HQ. Armin educates them his hypothesis regarding the Female Titan’s actual identity. Levi, actually harmed, doesn’t take part in the resulting activity in the Stohess District; during this piece of the curve he is just seen with Erwin.[

Epic showdown curve

During the alleged break of Wall Rose, Levi is seen going with Hange and the others as they head to Ehrmich District while they endeavor to get data from Minister Nick. However he won’t by and by offer them any data, he consents to uncover the character of a capable individual to talk about the insider facts of the Walls: Historia Reiss. The Shiganshina Trio proposition to assist with finding her, and in depicting her, Mikasa uncovers the name of Ymir — much to Hange’s and Levi’s astonishment.

Levi is momentarily seen again at Trost District, actually sidelined because of his physical issue. After the presence of the Armored and Colossus Titans on Wall Rose, a unit of around 100 troopers from each of the three military branches is accumulated. A portion of the MPs express frustration not to have seen any Titans close by. Levi challenges their false front by welcoming them to join the Survey Corps quickly so they can go beyond the Walls to battle them, whereupon they back down.

Regal Government circular segment

Levi visits Erwin when he is all around ok to talk and communicates compassion toward the deficiency of Erwin’s arm. Hange and Connie show up also to investigate their discoveries in regards to Ragako town and Hange says that they support the hypothesis that the Titans were once human. Levi is at first doubtful in light of the fact that they have never tracked down people inside the assemblages of Titans, in any event, living ones, and is discouraged to imagine that he might have been killing individuals this entire time. Hange offers some solace in that there is no strong verification of that.

Paradoxically, Erwin grins at the news, which upsets Levi to the point he says Erwin will make him debilitated. Since Erwin is depleted from his experience, Levi tells him that he has ventured to choose individuals for his new Special Operations Squad. He accepts that Eren should be driven into urgency.

Levi, Hange, and individuals from their crews retreat to a remote lodge where Eren and Historia are being covered up. Their goal is still to seal the opening in Wall Maria, and in the event that Eren can do that as a Titan it would save the strategic expenses of pulling out materials like initially arranged. At the point when Eren says he is willing, Levi provides Hange with the obligation of running the trials important to test the restrictions of Eren’s abilities.

Be that as it may, Hange additionally needs to disappear on the grounds that Minister Nick has been murdered.

After hearing the subtleties, Levi clashes. A foe that tenacious will find them ultimately. He likewise surmises that Nick uncovered no data, as the entirety of his fingernails had been pulled out. Somebody able to talk, he states, would have surrendered after only one. Levi sees two ways ahead: they can either escape before they are betrayed, or eliminate their eventual executioners. Hange recommends the two of them do, and Levi noticed that this is precisely exact thing Erwin would agree.

In the wake of running their tests, Levi gets a note from Erwin and requests those individuals from his crew “Sufficiently imbecilic” to trust the Commander to accompany him. They figure out how to escape before gatecrashers arrive at their lodge and rush to their meeting point. At the point when they show up, they are moved toward by a group that fault the Survey Corps for the unfortunate everyday environments in Trost District. In this, a carriage comes crashing through and seems to grabs Eren and Historia.

However, the grabbed ones are really Jean Kirstein and Armin in camouflage. Levi and his crew track the ruffians to their hideaway.

However the Reeves Company ends up being beneficial for Trost, Levi perceives that this won’t stand the test of time and contrasts Reeves’ battle and the Military Police to that of the Survey Corps against the Titans. So that Reeves will battle as well, Levi offers to surrender Eren and Historia on three circumstances: the Reeves Company will neutralize the Interior Military Police along with the Survey Corps, the Reeves Company will trust the Survey Corps totally, and the Survey Corps will get need admittance to any extravagance merchandise. It is a hard deal, however Reeves concurs and goads Djel Sannes and Ralph of the Interior First Squad into a snare so they can be caught by the Survey Corps

Secluded from everything subterranean, Levi and Hange start work on Sannes, who demonstrates hard to break, even in the wake of being beaten and having his fingernails eliminated to approach the treatment got by Minister Nick. Sannes communicates some regret for the torment he has needed to cause, yet accepts keeping up with harmony inside the Walls was vital. Levi is unsympathetic and recommends starting Sannes’ torment appropriately on the off chance that he doesn’t respond to questions accurately, beginning with the character of the Reiss family.

As opposed to yielding to the torment, Sannes urges them into torturing him further. He understands what it resembles to be the torturer and the power it gives. Nauseated, Levi recommends they enjoy some time off, and they leave the entryway open a break behind them.

This permits Sannes to hear an organized discussion among Levi and Ralph, where Levi guarantees that Ralph let them know everything and Ralph thusly professes to have no consideration for Sannes, calling him an aggravation, and inquiring as to whether there will be a bed in his phone. That’s what levi adds assuming Sannes talks, both of them could be housed in a similar cell together later. This is sufficient to break Sannes and he admits that the Reiss family is the genuine illustrious bloodline.

The following morning Nifa returns subsequent to conveying fresh insight about the Reiss family legacy to Erwin and bringing back a bring message back. Levi holds a gathering with his crew alongside Keiji, Nifa, and the Abel from Hange’s crew. Dimo and his child, Flegel Reeves, are available also and Levi demands that they stay. Notwithstanding, Levi failed to educate his crew regarding Historia’s legacy, stunning her when Nifa raises the subject of how to put her on the high position. At the point when Historia panics, he concurs that the vast majority wouldn’t move forward under such conditions, however it doesn’t change things. She needs to make it happen. That’s what he clarifies assuming she declines, she would be advised to run, since they will do everything possible to compel her

However the remainder of his crew is unglued about his way of behaving, Levi presents his perspective, where food, rest, even the existences of associates are not destined to associate with tomorrow. He is strange, the manner in which he sees things, but since of it, Levi will be quicker to respond to an emergency than any of them. Assuming he needs to play the insane person and kill certain individuals to save some piece of mankind then he will, yet it would be better in the event that another person just held onto control of the world so things don’t come to that point. Sadly they lack the capacity to deal with Historia to thoroughly consider this, so he snaps and requests her response right away. She breaks underneath the strain and concurs. They then push forward with the arrangement for the Reeves Company to give up Eren and Historia and track their ruffians to Rod Reiss.

The abducting turns out badly when Dimo Reeves and his workers are killed  and the homicides nailed to the Survey Corps. While his crew sits tight in a rear entryway as far as it matters for them in the salvage plan, Levi alongside the majority of Hange’s figures out how to find the First Interior Squad around and spy on the funeral wagon and caskets that they suspect are conveying Eren and Historia. Levi is upset that the First Squad sorted out the Reeves Company trickery, since that would require thinking like him, or maybe more like “Kenny the Ripper.” Nifa calls him a metropolitan legend, however Levi guarantees her that he is genuine and that they lived respectively when he was a youngster. He sees how the strategies he utilizes are emphatically impacted by Kenny

As he understands this, Kenny Ackerman shows up behind him, wearing vertical moving gear that is altered to work with firearms for killing people. Levi barely avoids being shot, yet Nifa is killed in a flash. Somewhere else around the stakeout, Keiji and the Abel are killed too.

Levi tosses one of his cutting edges at Kenny and evades his next shot by tossing his shroud as cover. He gets a move on, disappointed that Kenny can peruse his moves in general and stunned that Kenny surprisingly has turned into a MP. Individuals from the Anti-Personnel Control Squad trap Levi, utilizing vertical moving hardware changed for use with guns, and he hides in a bar to try not to be shot. Kenny follows him inside.

Both of them trade spikes about their past and keeping in mind that Kenny talks, Levi makes a move to stack the barkeeper’s rifle and reposition a liquor bottle, permitting him to see Kenny in its appearance. Kenny calculates that Levi joined the Survey Corps for a similar explanation he enlisted in the Military Police. He found something he needed to do and side interests make everyday routine worth experiencing. At the point when Levi inquires as to whether killing his troopers is a piece of that, Kenny concedes he will kill anybody in the event that it takes care of business and says Levi would do likewise.

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Levi concurs and shoots Kenny by pointing with the container’s appearance. The shot raises a ruckus around town Kenny is holding, yet is as yet sufficiently able to toss him back outside and Levi makes a move to get away. He throws a seat through a window to divert the crew individuals outside prior to arising himself and terminating a hooking line into the throat of the closest one. The leftover two individuals close by plan to fire, yet Levi involves the dead man as a meat safeguard so he can get in close in and kill them. He proceeds to escape and reviles that there are still north of ten followers left

Levi finds his crew while the Anti-Personnel Squad is pursuing him. He kills one of the MPs prior to arriving in Armin’s cart and orders them to quit following the funeral wagon. Their arrangement has spilled and presently Eren and Historia are being utilized as lure to kill them. As they make their departure, he lets his crew know that they should kill their followers whenever they have the open door, yet Jean can’t do so and ends up on some unacceptable side of a gun.

Before Jean can be killed, Armin utilizes his gun to mortally fire the MP and save his life. However Levi’s crew escapes unblemished, Armin is profoundly annoyed by the reality he was able to kill somebody and Levi clears up for him that he had the option to pull the trigger since he knew that on the off chance that he didn’t, then Jean would have kicked the bucket. Jean concedes he believed Levi’s approach to doing things was off-base, yet it was more that he would have rather not harmed others. He will fire sometime later. Levi concurs that Jean’s non-abrasiveness put them in a terrible spot, however he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what is correct or wrong and Jean probably won’t have been off-base.

Levi and his crew trap Marlowe Freudenberg and Hitch Dreyse, who have been sent into the woodland to search for Survey Corps troopers. They take their regalia fully intent on penetrating the Military Police to find out where Eren and Historia have been taken. Before he can report their destinies, Hitch difficulties him over the regular citizen passings in Stohess District and upbraids his crew over the vanishing and assumed demise of Annie, who she never truly got to know.

Levi revises her about Annie’s actual state, in that she was the Titan stowing away in Stohess and she is at present being held, however that isn’t logical a reality they believe newcomers should be aware. It irritates him that altogether such countless individuals are uninformed about the reality of their reality. Marlowe inquires as to whether the Survey Corps truly killed individuals from the Reeves Company and Levi answers that it was the Interior Military Police, which makes Marlowe offer assisting him with fixing things. He would be more successful as a real MP than Levi’s hidden officers. Levi is suspicious, however Jean steps in and inquires as to whether he can deal with this. Levi permits it.

Jean tests their personality to see where their hearts really untruth and when it is clear they have no goal of killing him or following their unique orders, he accepts this is sufficient to persuade Levi to trust them.

Levi and his crew utilize the data assembled by Hitch and Marlowe to go after an Interior Military Police compound.

The invasion goes effectively, with the Interior MPs being crippled instead of killed, yet they don’t track down Eren and Historia. Levi and his crew leave with one prisoner who Levi investigates about their area, yet the MP won’t talk, rather going on and on about how the Survey Corps will be fortunate to make due and how Erwin and the other caught warriors will be executed. He advises Levi that their main choice is to give up and trust sufficiently that to save their confidants’ lives.

Undaunted, Levi asks again where Eren and “Krista” are found. The MP is astounded that Levi would abandon his confidants, however Levi questions the crown would save them and brutally contorts and breaks the MP’s arm for not responding to his inquiry. The third time he gets some information about Eren and “Krista” the MP is terrified and admits that he doesn’t have the foggiest idea where they are. Kenny Ackerman is incredibly quiet about it.

Both Levi and Mikasa are astonished to hear the last name, yet they are interfered with by individuals moving toward by walking before they can scrutinize the MP further. The crew gets ready to do a trap.


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