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Published on : Saturday, May 7, 2022

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As the Luxury Industry makes a steady recovery from the pandemic, one can observe a radical change in the preferences and behavior of the modern traveller, in terms of hygiene, activities, and monuments to visit.

With the travel industry going through a period of unprecedented change, the priorities and preferences of the modern traveler have also changed.

Whether it is the purpose of travel or even the kind of accommodation, today’s traveller is much better-informed and even employs the use of technology to make their travel hassle-free and more personalised.

Technological advancements such as contactless mobile payments, self-service check-in, and even flexible cancellation policies are giving today’s travellers more confidence to venture out to tourist hotspots.

Stalwarts in the luxury travel industry recently came together to discuss a range of topics around travel analyse today’s travellers and changes in the industry and network and connect with their counterparts for the 10th milestone edition of the MALT Congress.

Discover Moscow, the project developed by the Committee for Tourism of the city of Moscow partnered with the 10th annual edition of the MALT Congress as their official Tourism Partner.

Investing in a holiday that is authentic and gives one an insight into the culture of a place rather than just filling the itinerary full of popular places to see has become more important. This could mean investing in highly qualified travel guides or shopping from local markets for souvenirs.

On how it contributes to Luxury Travel and Tourism Industry, Anastasia shared, after the COVID- 19 pandemic, tourism has gone through a fundamental change as the perception around travel has changed.

Tourists are now looking to prioritize safety, exclusivity, and even an element of human touch. It was very important for us to understand how to deal with new requests from travellers today such as Arab travellers asking for exclusivity.

The tenth milestone edition of the annual MALT Congress provided an optimal platform for buyers and suppliers in the GCC to come together and network with each other to discuss the current trajectory of the travel industry and analyze the changes in priority for the modern traveller.

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