Nazri Aziz’s advice for volunteer tourism during flood gets massively criticised

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Published on : Tuesday, June 21, 2022

flood gets massively criticised

Nazri Aziz’s advice to make use of country’s flood situation as the best chance to promote “volunteer tourism” actually emphasizes how detached he is from truth, explained a Pahang DAP leader.

Young Syefura Othman explained that as she holds up to innovative ideas that can build up the country, the MP’s thought was absurd that Malaysians have to bear this on an every year basis.

She said in a statement that even though situations post-flood, particularly in the initial few days, many volunteers are required to assist the victims with clean-up work. It was incorrect ethically for anyone to look at this situation as a way to encourage tourism.

She scolded the erstwhile tourism and culture minister and his dearth of understanding and selfishness to the massive damage faced by the flood victims where properties get destroyed hugely and sometimes human lives as well.

On a Sinar Daily report, Young Syefura was commenting yesterday where Nazri had stated that with the right planning, the floods that happen every year could potentially be an attraction of tourism, and that Malaysia should look for opportunities for endorsing volunteer tourism.

He said that perhaps we can have volunteer tourism where people from other countries can join in the team to help the flood victims. It’s not for simple enjoyment but also for those tourists to learn at lot in return.

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