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In this technological world, we are connected almost every time. Because of this, our mobile is the most important tool that plays a role in our connection with the world. We store every important thing on our mobile. Nowadays, the most common use tool for communication on our mobile is WhatsApp. 

We use it for calls, messages, sharing documents, taking time for meetings, storing our important data, and finance-related issues. But what if you lose access to your all-important data? WhatsApp has a backup feature that lets you restore all of your data after switching your mobile phone or factory reset it. 

But what if you face no backup found WhatsApp issue. It will be a great loss for you but don’t panic, here is the solution for you. This article will be for you if you want your data back. In this, we will provide you with ways to get access to your data by restoring it.

First, we should look at what’s maybe the reasons that create hindrances.

Reasons that hinders restoring backup 

There can be many reasons for not restoring your backup data. Here are some of those;

This is the most common cause of not getting iCloud or  Google Drive WhatsApp backup. When a person tries to get his/her data back he/she should have a strong network. Mostly the data we are trying to approach is in bulk so a weak connection may give an error or deny access.

Sometimes we don’t have enough storage left in our device to get the data. When you are going to get your files and chat backup, check first the required space. 

People also log in to the wrong google account or Apple ID or do not put the right phone number on which backup was stored. 

The above can be the obstacles to the pathway of getting data. Here is the solution to your problem for both Android users as well as iPhone users that are facing difficulty in restoring data from iCloud or Google Drive WhatsApp backup.

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Quick fix of WhatsApp backup for Android users

Before you are starting backup data, take a look at these three things;

  • You must have Google Play in your phone with the related Google account whose data you want to store.
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Enough storage in your phone

Among mobile phone users, this backup problem is rare in Android users but it has an easy solution 

  1. Update your WhatsApp

Sometimes we are trying to get our data back but it is stuck because of non-using the latest version of WhatsApp. For this, go to Google Play and search WhatsApp. If an update is available, then update it by clicking on the green update button.

  1. Check Your Android Phone Storage

This is one of the main reasons that we are not getting access to our data. Mostly our concerned data consists of heavy media files, documents, thousands of messages which requires a lot of storage. 

Go to your phone settings, find the storage option and check it. In Apps data, click on WhatsApp and clear its cache. There will be another option that is Google Play Services. Click on it and clear the data. After it, you will have a space for your backup data.

  1. Verify internet connection

It is one of the reasons that hinder the backup process. Check its speed, by visiting a website from any browser like Google and by watching a video from YouTube. Move to a better location or near the router where signals are fast so that you can download data easily.

  1. WhatsApp Beta Version

If you have a Beta version of WhatsApp, then it can be a stone in the proves of Google drive WhatsApp backup. Leave this version by visiting the WhatsApp Beta page from Google Play and signing in to WhatsApp Messenger with the same number before starting the method.

  1. Exclude videos

Videos are mostly of high quality and take more space which could be the reason for the hindrance process in the backup. Go to settings and uncheck the videos, so they can be excluded from backup.

  1. Restart your phone

After doing all the above processes, restart your phone. It will clear the previously open pages and help in fast processing.

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Quick fix of WhatsApp Backup for iPhone users

For iPhone users, there are some requirements before they go for their backups. 

  • Apple provides its customers a unique ID for iCloud. For backup, you must be signed in.
  • You have to keep your iCloud drive on.
  • Your iPhone version should be 10 or above that for restoring data from iCloud.
  • iPhone and iCloud should have enough storage.

There is a guide for your problem with WhatsApp backup which you can solve by applying the following steps;

  1. Required internal storage

You must have more storage than the required backup data in your iPhone and iCloud for starting the process. Go to your mobile settings and clear the cache and delete the videos and apps that you have no need for. To make space in iCloud, go to settings and open iCloud storage and then select the stuff you want to delete and clear it. 

  1. Latest WhatsApp version

WhatsApp, like other applications, makes updates time after time. Sometimes the old versions we are using are also the reasons. If your backup is stuck, then check the availability of the updates. You have to open the App Store on your iPhone and search WhatsApp and find if there is any update or not. If available, then update it and now try to back up your data.

  1. High-Speed Internet

Your internet connection should be fast. Otherwise, it will create problems during backup. Before you start, check it by visiting YouTube or watching an online video.

  1. iCloud server

Sometimes the iCloud server is down due to which the backup process gets restricted. It rarely happens when Apple servers are under maintenance by the company. So if all the things are favorable and back up is not proceeding, wait for some time and then try.

  1. Restart the device

Sometimes all the things are correct but the system shows some bugs. To avoid this, restarting the phone before starting will help you. You have to press and hold the sleep button until the Apple logo appears. 

Wrap up

By thoroughly reading this article, you will come to know about the step-by-step guide on what to do when your WhatsApp backup cannot be found. Restoring your lost data is no longer a problem now. By applying the above simple steps, you can easily fix your WhatsApp backup problem.

This article is helpful for both android users as well as for the users of iPhone. Unlike the paying methods, it will guide you to recover your data free of cost. So if you or your near one, are dealing with the same issue, read the article you will get the solution.

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