Outlook Disconnected? How to Fix Issue and Reconnect?

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used e-mail programs, along with a calendar and contact manager. It is available in both an online version through Outlook.com and directly on your PC as an application file. The program works flawlessly for many people, but if you recently tried to access your mail in Outlook and were greeted by error messages that stated something similar to “Outlook cannot connect to the mail server. You may not be able to send or receive new mail” or “Your mail inbox may be full…” While no one likes to see such error messages, you don’t have to lose heart. In this article, we’ll teach you how to fix Microsoft Outlook when it shows disconnected.

How to Know That Outlook Is Disconnected?

You can check if Outlook is disconnected by doing these steps:

  • See the  Connected or Disconnected icon in the lower right corner of your computer screen.
 Check disconnected outlook
  • Click on the Connection Status button. The connection status window will open and it will show you if your computer is connected to Outlook or not.

Reasons Why Outlook Disconnected From Windows

These are some of the reasons which are found why Outlook disconnected on Windows. 

  • The first reason is that if the user is using Outlook via Exchange and he/she tries to send email messages then it will not work because the server has blocked the connection. 
  • Another reason for this problem is that if there is no connection with the server or a timeout after a period of inactivity, it may be due to a firewall on the server or client computer that blocks outbound traffic from Outlook on your computer. 
  • The next reasons could be due to some Outlook configurations that block your connection if you are using Outlook 2010 and later versions of Outlook

Troubleshooting Outlook disconnection on Windows

If your Outlook software disconnects from the server, you’ll have to follow a certain set of steps.

Examine Profile Settings

First, take a look at your network connection. If you’re already unable to access the Internet, discontinue troubleshooting until your connection has been restored. You can also try running Outlook in Safe Mode. 

  • From the Start menu, select “Run” and type “Outlook /safe”
  • This will give you a chance to see if any add-ons or plugins are causing problems with your connection. 
  • If this doesn’t correct the issue, delete the existing Outlook profile and create a new one by going to Control Panel > Mail > Show Profiles > Add. 
  • Test it out and see if it fixes your problem. If all else fails, restart your computer and then try again.

Ping The Server

To begin troubleshooting the disconnection, you need to verify whether it’s caused by Outlook or the mail server. To do so, use the ping command on Windows to check if your device is able to connect to the mail server.

To ping a hostname:

1. Click on “Start” and select “Run”

Text: Click on Start and select Run

2. Now type “Cmd” and click on “OK”

Type Cmd And click on OK

3. The Command prompt window will open

Command Prompt Window

4. Now type “ping followed by the name of Exchange Server” and hit the “Enter” key.

Type Ping server name and hit enter

5. The Ping Utility will run for a couple of seconds and after that show the results.

6. If the result is “Request Time Out”, the issue is with Network or Exchange Server.

7. To resolve this issue contact the Server Team.

8. If the responses add up to statements like, “Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0”, then there is no problem with the server or the network. Skip the step of checking LAN cable, network connectivity, etc.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Launch the Outlook Application in Safe Mode to resolve the Outlook disconnection issue. When the user starts Microsoft Outlook in safe mode, the user can see if the problem is caused by one particular add-in to Microsoft Outlook or by a conflict with the program that scans your email messages for Windows Live OneCare and automatically removes or quarantines malware. To open outlook in safe mode, follow these steps:

  • Close Outlook.
  • Click on the “Start” button and then select “Run” from the menu.
 Click on Start and select Run
  • Now in the next window type “Outlook.exe /safe” to open Outlook in the Safe Mode. A Dialog box will appear and it indicates that Outlook is running in safe mode.
safe and click ok
  • If any add-ins are listed in the Disabled Application Add-ins list, choose “COM Add-ins” from the Manage drop-down list, and then select “Go”.
  • Select each add-in in the list and select “Enable” to turn on an add-in. Repeat these steps until all the add-ins are turned on. Choose “OK” to close this window, and then restart Outlook normally.

Set Up A New Outlook Profile

If you are facing the same error, “Outlook Disconnected” then the best option for you is to create a new Outlook profile for your outlook account. Follow these steps to create your new Outlook Profile:

1. Open the Outlook Mail app.

2. In the Mail Setup window, click on “File” and select “Accounts Settings” and then click on “Manage Profiles”.

Select Account Settings and click on Manage Profiles

3. In the Next Window, Select “Show Profile”.

Select Show Profile

4. In the next window, click on “Add”

 Click on Add

5. In the Auto Account Setup window, enter your “name”, and then click “Ok”.

6. After you’ve created your new profile, enter your email address frequently. From now on, you won’t encounter disconnecting errors.

Ensure Outlook is Not in Offline Mode

Disconnecting from Outlook is one of the most common issues that users face while using the Outlook application. It is often experienced when their computer crashes or suddenly shuts down. However, it can also occur when you are trying to work offline. In such cases, you will get a message on your screen saying that you are currently disconnected from your account. The error message ‘Disconnected’ will appear in the bottom right corner of your Outlook window indicating that you are no longer connected to your email account.

The error message will be shown in white color on a blue background which means that Outlook is set in offline mode and hence experiencing this issue. However, if you are trying to work online then there will be no such message on your screen and you will have to look for it manually by launching the application and scrolling down to the bottom right corner of your window where you can see an error message ‘Offline Mode’.

If you are working online then the check box behind the option ‘Work Offline’ should not be ticked-marked as it shows that you are set in offline mode which means that Outlook is not connected with the Exchange server and hence experiencing this issue. You will have to uncheck this box by giving a single click on it.

If none of the solutions mentioned above help you out to resolve your issue then you can try this last solution it will definitely resolve your issue.

Contact Outlook Technical Support to Resolve this Issue

When you are using MS Outlook, you may encounter the problem of Outlook disconnection. It is a common issue that can be resolved easily if you contact MS Outlook Technical Support anytime for any help. As the best and most trusted tech support team, we at MS Outlook Technical Support offer the best resolution for your issues and work round the clock to make sure that your issues are resolved without any delay.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email clients, which also includes other features. It is easy to install, and easy to use and it provides all the basic features for a competent email experience. Unfortunately, you may come across issues as Outlook shows disconnected. In this case, there are some fixes that will help you resolve this issue without losing any significant data on your computer. You can regain access to your account using the following methods in order to solve the problem.


Ans: When you’re using Microsoft Outlook to check email, sometimes your account will show up as disconnected even when it’s not. This could mean that there is a problem on the server or with your computer or network, but there are also other potential causes. The Following may be the reason for the disconnection of Outlook:

  • Your computer Has been infected with malware. Malware can interfere with your internet connection and prevent you from receiving new messages.
  • You recently changed your email password. If you’ve recently changed your Outlook password, check to make sure that you haven’t mistyped it.
  • you have a firewall set up on your computer. Check with your ISP to see if they have any recommendations or fixes for this issue.

Ans: When Outlook suddenly won’t open or you can’t connect your account, there are a few things you can try to get it working again.

The first thing you should do is restart your computer. This will clear anything that might be hanging around in the background and causing problems. It’s also worth taking a look at your taskbar and killing any programs that might be running there (you can right-click on them to do this). Then try launching Outlook again.

If that doesn’t do the trick, check your email settings by going to File > Options > Mail > Accounts. If the settings are still there, but the program still isn’t connecting, you could go to Microsoft’s website and chat with a representative via instant message—they may be able to walk you through the process of getting everything set up again.

Ans: In the event that Outlook is not connecting to a server, there are a few items that should be looked at.

The first is the server itself. Some servers may have issues that make it impossible for Outlook to connect properly, such as server maintenance or issues with firewalls and ports.

If the server seems to be functioning correctly and there are still issues connecting to it, then the next step would be to check the Outlook configuration. If you see an error message stating something along the lines of “Cannot connect,” “Cannot Load,” or “Server Error,” then this could indicate that there is some issue with your configuration and you should try running Outlook in Safe Mode with Networking. In general, however, issues with connections can often be solved by taking care of them on a local level.

Ans: If your Outlook 365 is suddenly saying it’s disconnected from the internet even though you know you’re connected, there are a few things that could be going on. It could be something on your end or it could be something on Microsoft’s side. Here are a few things to look into:

  1. If you are connected to the internet but still get that error message, try restarting your modem and router.
  2. Go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook/HA011078191033.aspx and see if there’s an update available. Some users have reported that this helped them with the problem as well as a lot of other issues with Outlook 365.
  3. If neither of these solutions helps you then call Microsoft Support at 800-MICROSOFT (800-642-7676) for additional assistance.

Ans: If you’ve changed your password for Outlook, you’ll need to reconnect Outlook before it can sync with your email account. Follow these steps to reconnect Outlook:

  1. Start Outlook and enter your new password when prompted.
  2. Choose File > Account Settings > Add Account.
  3. Select the appropriate email provider from the list and follow the on-screen instructions to enter your login credentials.
  4. Select Close when done, and then choose File > Save & Send > Options > Accounts Settings to save your changes and reconnect with your email account.


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