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‘In the End, You’re Treated Like a Spy,’ Says M.I.T. Scientist

[ad_1] Gang Chen was arrested a year ago on charges of hiding his links to China. The charges were dismissed, but he said the damage — to him, and to American science —…

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Judge Lifts Order Preventing Wisconsin Hospital Workers From Starting New Jobs

[ad_1] ThedaCare had sought to temporarily prevent seven employees from leaving for jobs at Ascension, saying the departures would jeopardize patient care. A judge sided with the workers on Monday. [ad_2] Source link

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Cash Aid to Poor Mothers Increases Brain Activity in Babies, Study Finds

[ad_1] The question of whether cash aid helps or hurts children is central to social policy. Progressives argue that poor children need an income floor, citing research that shows even brief periods of…

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Why Free Covid Tests Went Viral

[ad_1] It says something about human nature. [ad_2] Source link

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Four Attorneys General Sue Google Over Privacy Claims

[ad_1] The District of Columbia and three states sued Google on Monday, claiming that the tech giant deceived consumers to gain access to their location data. In separate lawsuits, the attorneys general of…

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Cataract Surgery May Reduce Your Dementia Risk

[ad_1] Older adults who had cataract removal to restore their vision had a lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. [ad_2] Source link

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Why Is Silicon Valley Still Waiting for the Next Big Thing?

[ad_1] In the fall of 2019, Google told the world it had reached “quantum supremacy.” It was a significant scientific milestone that some compared to the first flight at Kitty Hawk. Harnessing the…

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Rich Countries Lure Health Workers From Low-Income Nations to Fight Shortages

[ad_1] But Mr. Catton, of the international nurses organization, said that was not the current pattern. “For nurses who are recruited, there is no intention for them to go back, often quite the…

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These Mothers Were Exhausted, So They Met on a Field to Scream

[ad_1] In Boston, many mothers were exhausted. The pandemic had been so draining that they wanted to scream. But they had to hold it in because they had children to raise, careers to…

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China Holds the Line on ‘Zero Covid,’ but Some Wonder for How Long

[ad_1] In a glitzy Shanghai shopping district, about 40 people who happened to be at a Uniqlo store were informed that they would be spending the night there. A suspected Covid case had…

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