Parallel Parking: Things you Need to Know

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Even today, when we hear about parallel parking, our palms get sweaty. Even many drivers find it difficult to align the car and do the parking without causing any unnecessary damage to any other vehicle around. Parallel car parking is undoubtedly challenging and needs master skills to park vehicles adequately. However, it is also an essential driving way that you need to learn about parking in tighter spaces you will come across during day-to-day driving.

Here is what you need to learn about parallel parking in the lane, which also helps you enhance your skills during on-road practice with a DMV driving instructor. 

Parallel parking is a technique you need to learn to park a car aligned with other parked vehicles on the side and facing the same direction as the other vehicles on the parking lane. First, one must drive to check the availability of parking space, and a certified driving instructor can help you to find the right spot. Park your vehicles next to the other vehicles parked in the lane. Then, reverse your vehicle to fit in the space at a safe distance. It can sound challenging, but a little concentration and practice can easily help you master your skills in parallel car parking. 

It looks surprising when you see other drivers flawlessly parking their vehicles, and here are some tips that help you achieve a better hold – 

  • Use your indicators

During parallel parking, don’t ever forget to keep your indicators switched on whether you are going left or right to let other drivers know about the turn you will take. You need to know that it is the only way of communication between the vehicles on the road. Hence, the use of indicators allows you to do the parallel parking wisely. 

  • Slowly Back Up

It is never a good idea when you rush your way, especially when you are on the road or doing parallel parking. Instead, stay in a line, slowly and adequately reverse your car when slowing your car in an empty parking space. 

  • Maintain control of your steering wheels

Parallel parking is about how smartly and efficiently you turn the steering wheels with complete control over them. Remember to put the hands in a nine and three-position that allows you to spin the wheel freely with both hands to maintain good control. 

  • Put your IRVM and ORVMs to good use.

There are very few possibilities of blind spots when parallel parking, and you need to keep an eye on using both IRVM (Inside Rear View Mirror) and ORVMs (Outside Rear View Mirrors). These work great to thoroughly check the risks or obstacles involved in the back when you are reversing your car. 

  • Finalize your position 

When keeping your cars closer to the walls or dividers, you need to ensure that there is enough room available in the front and behind other vehicles to pull in and out of their respective parking spaces. While parallel parking, if the divider or wall is on the driver’s side, leave enough room so that you can open your door conveniently to get in and out of the car. 

Remember, the more you consider these tips for parallel parking, the easier it becomes to master your driving. So keep practicing in your driving classes until you are sure that your palms are not getting sweaty or there is no risk of bumping into the other cars in the parking area.

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