Pay revision: contract employees to stage statewide protest today

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‘Concerns of outsourcing and part-time staff brushed aside during recent negotiations’

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) of State Government Contract and Outsourcing Employees, Teachers and Workers said the agreement reached by the PRC Sadhana Samiti with the Group of Ministers (GoM) on Revised Pay Scales – 2022 (RPS) Saturday night left about 3.50 lakh contract, outsourcing and part-time employees and workers high and dry as their concerns were either completely brushed aside or only partially addressed.

They said that there was not even a mention of the demands related to regularisation of services, equal pay for equal work and implementation of minimum time scale in the pact signed by the two sides.

The contract, outsourcing and part-time employees and workers would stage protest demonstrations across the State on February 7 and send emails to Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy on February 9, requesting him to accommodate their demands in the scheme of things that has just been formulated.

Announcing this at a media conference on Sunday, JAC chairman A.V. Nageswara Rao and secretary general M. Bala Kasi and part-time employees’ association president Devender said that by surrendering to the government, leaders of the PRC Sadhana Samiti, did a ‘grave injustice to the contract, outsourcing and part-time employees without whose services the government would be crippled.’

Ashutosh Mishra Committee

They argued that the conduct of negotiations without disclosing the recommendations of Ashutosh Mishra Committee was against all norms, but the PRC Sadhana Samiti leaders did not consider it proper to press for that revelation.

The JAC leaders further said a committee of six Ministers was formed three years ago to evolve a mechanism for regularising the services of contract employees, but to no avail as the panel remained practically non-existent. The agitation would be intensified if the government did not sort out the issues on a priority basis, they warned.

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