Philippines introduces ‘trial period’ in tourism reopening process

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Published on : Wednesday, May 18, 2022

The Philippines

From May 15th, 2022, the provincial government of Philippines has gradually started its tourism reopening sessions as the country eased travel restrictions after two years of complete close down due to COVID spread.

However, for leisure travel, only those tourists who are fully vaccinated would be permitted to enter Philippines since the government had already removed quarantine rule, Gov. Marilou Cayco confirmed.

Cayco on Tuesday told the Inquirer that now it’s a soft opening. Every week, we will allow a maximum of 50 tourists as of now, Cayco said. The provincial government in an advisory on May 15th defined that until June 30th, the reopening process of local tourism would be like a “trial period”. Cayco also added that all rules for the experimental recommencement of tourism in Philippines were made at par with the standard accepted by the local pandemic response task force.

On the basis of the instructions issued by the government, children below 5 years and the ones who are not eligible for vaccination would not be allowed to enter the province.

Also, all tourists will have to book with tour operators and rooms accredited by the Department of Tourism before their visits.

The provincial government said that there will be no incidental tourists as prior booking has to be done in advance via DOT-accredited tour operators along with a certificate of acceptance.

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