Reasons Why Accreditation Is Important for Career Development

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An accredited institution offers students programs that meet set standards. Accreditation means that the college or university receives government funding which equips students with resources to facilitate their education.

Listed below are reasons why accreditation is essential for career development.

Licensure and Employment

An institution offering accredited programs offers its students the necessary knowledge base which prepares graduates for licensure. Accredited programs are the minimal requirements required for various licensing boards. It allows a person to own a professional license from legitimate institutions and is crucial when seeking a job.

Many employers prefer students accredited by agencies like the Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals when they seek post-graduation job hunts and internships. It provides the company owners with a way to tell if the candidates are equipped with the knowledge and skills required for the job.

Proof Of Excellence And Academic Quality

Accreditation is sure proof that an institution offers quality education. A third party approval ensures that the college and university meet the minimum set quality standards. Accreditation is essential as it enables students to receive a quality education from authentic sources. It serves as a tool that guides students in quality control. Institutions with accredited programs offer sufficient physical resources, including computers, libraries, and office space. Accredited programs must outline their policies and requirements in the program handbook to minimize surprises when students enroll.

Determines Eligibility

Due to the increased demand for jobs worldwide, people are always competing for the same position. An accredited program from an approved institution allows prospective employees to stand out from other applicants. It will enable the employers to establish the validity of the programs that the applicant studied and qualifications.

Financial Concerns

Accreditation is an indication that an institution has met various standards for offering higher education. It shows that the college or university charges fair prices for its teaching, and the course programs cover essentials. Organizations that provide financial assistance, bursaries, or grants rely on accreditation agencies to determine the quality assurance of various institutions they support.

Ability to Transfer Credits Easily

Accreditation makes it possible for students to transfer to different colleges or universities. It is also essential when graduates are required to further their education later. Most higher education institutions will accept transferred course credits only when the institution has earned the required accreditation status from an accreditation agency.

Accreditation Is Important To The Following Groups

  • Students: Accreditation proves that a program of interest is continually reviewed to improve its delivery. It also indicates that it meets the set standards in the profession.
  • Educators: Accreditation provides an evaluation of a program to facilitate its improvement and faculty development. It provides a platform where students, faculty, and administration may work together to advance the educational institution’s mission.
  • Professionals: Accreditation offers a platform where Grand Canyon University accreditation professionals and educators exchange their ideas.

Accreditation ensures that the training institution follows the laid down standards. Students are advised to consider accreditation as the top priority when enrolling in higher education institutions.

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