Root Canal Treatment: Painless Or Painful?

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Are you scared of getting any endodontic treatment? Are you pushing yourself away from getting root canal treatment due to fear of pain? And what if we tell you that you no longer have to be worried about the pain associated with the root canal!

Root canal treatment is the most dreaded treatment in the world. Thus, it is commonly seen that patients have anxiety levels matching the level of anxiety that people might have before open heart surgery or labor. Thus, the last thing anyone wants to hear on a dental chair is that they need to go through a root canal treatment. But, according to the latest stats, about 15 million root canal treatments are performed every year. Interesting right?

In this article, the professionals of endodontic treatment in Dubai have tried to dispel the level of pain mostly associated with root canals. Let’s explore!

What Exactly Do You Understand By Root Canal Treatment?

In layman’s language, a root canal treatment involves cleaning the infection from the third to the tooth’s innermost layer. Once the infection is cleared out from the decayed tooth, it is then filled with a substance often known as gutta-percha. Once this is properly set in your teeth and not causing any discomfort, then it is concealed with a dental crown. With a crown, your teeth set looks complete and make your smile more confident. 

How Does The Infection Occur?

The infection mostly occurs due to a cavity or small opening in the tooth, which one cannot clean properly with a regular toothbrush or floss. Lack of cleaning in the cavity area allows the bacteria to sit there and cause more harm. 

But if you consult your dentist before time, then you can save yourself from going through the root canal treatment. 

Why Is Root Canal Treatment Considered Painful?

Root canal treatment is the treatment that cleans the tooth up to its third and final layer. It is the layer of our tooth which is basically a nerve chamber that has soft nerves and blood vessels that are connected with the rest of our body. Treating this portion of the tooth ultimately gets painful, but this pain is controlled with anesthesia. 

It is part of the teeth that communicates the feeling of pain to the brain. And being a sensitive part of the teeth, it experiences a sharp shooting pain with bacterial problems or decay. 

Primary Causes Of Pain During The Root Canal Treatment In The Past:

  • Earlier, dental professionals used inadequate anesthesia that failed to numb the inflamed nerve causing excruciating pain during the treatment. 
  • The lack of mechanical instruments is another cause of painful treatment. The professionals used manual skills to pull out the infected nerve, but the times have changed now. 
  • The unavailability of the right medications for putting up within the tooth is also a primary reason for the pain. 

How Is Root Canal Treatment Made Painless?

With time, technology has evolved to provide painless root canal treatment to patients. Let’s know about the treatment that takes away the pain from the root canal treatment:

The latest laser treatment method has completely changed the way root canal is performed by dental professionals all across the globe. With the advancement of technology, painless is the adjective used to describe root canals, even by patients who always dreaded visiting the dentist. 

The procedure involves the use of a parallel beam of intense light, which is used to clean the root canals. The laser melts down the debris that is made with the accumulation of bacteria and infection, resulting in the proper cleaning of the root canal. The final results are truly more effective than the conventional treatment. Besides that, it is also a less time-consuming procedure.

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