Sandiaga Uno sketches out the ways to realize sustainable tourism at the UN

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Published on : Friday, May 6, 2022

Sandiaga Uno sketches out t

Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno has said that tourism sector’s sustainable development must support local wisdom, traditional knowledge, and forms equilibrium between mass tourism and quality tourism comprising environmental issues.

He said that this realization will call for an approach which has measurable targets and comparable metrics by the private sector stakeholders.

“These components are very important for the long-term reformation and accountability of sustainable tourism,” he stated after the High-Level Thematic Debate on Tourism, organized at the United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York, United States.

Furthermore, related stakeholders should understand the definition of sustainable tourism and regard the millenials and generation Z as not only mere tourists but investors as well.

To this end, involvement with demographics within sustainable tourism is necessary. Another method is strengthening people’s role as agents of tourism transformation to construct a tough yet sustainable sector through Tourist Village programs and similar initiatives.

“With the Tourist Village program, we integrate local accommodation as well as appeal, and it complements one another under the coordination of the village governments packaged with local wisdom,” Uno said.

The program is hoped to make villagers’ prosperity much better, such as at Penglipuran Tourist Village, Bali, which in 2020, earned more than US$1.45 million in revenue.

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