Six arrested for abducting civil engineer for ransom

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The Yelahanka police on Wednesday rescued a 30-year-old civil engineer who had been abducted by a group of six people for ransom. A police team tracked down the gang to an isolated place off Kolar Highway and arrested all six of them. The accused have been identified as Nandagopal (31), Sunil Seenappa (32), Ashok Lingappa (31), Vignesh Ananthram (21) , Manoj Srinivas (24) and Shadaab Ahmed (24).

“The victim, Manas, who hails from Odisha runs a construction company in Yelahanka and had recently bagged a contract to construct a residential apartment,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP-North East) Anup A. Shetty.

Manas had given a sub-contract to one of the accused, Nandagopal, to construct a basement structure and owed him ₹3 lakh. However, when he delayed the payment and gave him evasive answers, Nandagopal decided to kidnap him. He roped in his associates and the gang intercepted the victim’s SUV near Raithara Santhe Road on Wednesday while he was on his way to office with an employee.

“They dragged Manas out of his vehicle, assaulted him and forced him to get into their car. One of the accused took control of Manas’s SUV and asked the employee to get out. He said they were taking his employer to the police station,” said a police officer.

Instead, the accused took him to a secluded area near Kolar Highway where he was tortured and robbed of gold valuables and the gang demanding ₹33 lakh as ransom for his release. “When Manas refused to transfer the money to them, they decided to kill him and dump his body in a forest area,” said a police officer

Meanwhile, the police were alerted. A special team tracked the gang down and rescued Manas before the gang could carry out their plan to murder him.

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