Some of the Most Popular Hookah Flavors: Old is Gold

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Every day, if there is something that is becoming very popular, then it is none other than the smoking of hookah. Besides that, one of the things that you will notice about smoking hookah is that more and more flavours of hookah are being introduced on the market. There is a plethora of brands and flavours of hookah to choose from, and choosing the correct one has become really difficult without knowing any reviews about them. So, here is a list of some of the best hookah flavours that you can have, and they are top-rated hookahs for the year. Let’s have a look.

Popular Hookah Flavours

One of the most popular hookah flavours is Al Fakher shisha flavours, of which the Al Fakher Mint is one of the most popular. When shisha was not so popular, besides a few fruit-flavoured products, one such that dominated the market was mint. If you want to know what brands are there that offer the most real mint flavour in tobacco, then the only name that rules is Al Fakher. For mint-flavoured shisha, the synonym is al Fakher mint. Every time you take your hookah, by blowing a milky cloud in the atmosphere, you can experience the taste of this popular mint-flavoured product. It is safe to consider the iconic shisha flavour for all of them.

Fumari Ambrosia Taste

Besides the al-fakher flavours, the other flavours that have been known for dominating the hookah market are Fumari and Ambrosia. It is one of the best tasting hookahs and baccy products, and one of the best parts that you will know is that it can be found in bars and select stores. Besides that, the taste of this flavour is fresh. Apart from that, from ambrosia fruit salad, the name and taste of the hookah are arrived at. It is a delicate or indirect blend of pineapple and melon, which is also combined with the tastes of mandarin and orange. It is citrusy. Plus, the aroma is finished with a sweet marshmallow-like taste.

Get the Mountain Dew Flavour

Did you ever know what does the shisha of mountain dew taste like? If you want a close taste of the same, then you should check out the star buzz pirate’s cave. It is a citrus flavoured hookah along with soda. The beginning aroma will have a fresh lime flavour in it followed by a candy taste – which can be described as sweet and sour. It is you who will decide what’s the best. You also get the hookah baccy in glass banks that has alternate taste. Nakhla Double Apple is one of them. Besides that, people who love the old taste of the traditional style of hookah with baccy also known as two apple or double apple, then the nakhla baccy should be their choice. It is like preserving the original recipe since its inception in the market. Every shisha lover’s collection does have a double apple baccy.

Star Buzz Blue Mist Flavour 

Besides that, this shisha has a dark leaf of baccy in the production of the flavour of double apple and has a high percentage of nicotine. So, you can expect to feel dizzy after few whiffs. Another flavour that dominates the market is Star buzz blue mist. It is a very popular product. No other products can be compared with the blue mist, as the mark which the blue mist has left cannot be changed. It is an apt combination of real sweet blueberry with just a pinch of cool mint, and it also has a spicy aftertaste. It is made of blonde leaf baccy that is washed and has a low percentage of nicotine. Did you ever try this product before? You should check out some good hookah bar which is located in south beach, Miami.

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