New Spiderman No Way Home End Credits – Explained

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In the new Spiderman No way Home, “The More Fun Stuff Version”, there is an extended cut where a new end credit is present, and in that credit, it can be shown how effective Doctor Strange’s memory-wiping spell was. 

The new credit for the movie shows how powerful Dr Strange is and his spells. 

While many people don’t know how strong Dr Strange is or his magic and what the new Spiderman No Way Home end credits mean, we are going to explain every single thing that happens in the credit scene that was shared recently. 

What Happens In The New Spiderman No Way Home End Credits?

In the new Spiderman No Way Home end credits scene, you can see how everyone forgot about who Peter is and how he just went out of existence.

In a new post on Reddit,  u/KostisPat257 said that in Spider-Man: No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version, there are new post-credits scenes where everyone forgot about Peter, which suggests that the magic and spell of Dr Strange worked out. 

Here’s the video that we are talking about:

In the new scene, Betty Brant was seen doing her final school news segment for her high school before graduation. The piece showed pictures of everyone in the movie having fun and going on adventures throughout high school, which includes the Decathlon and the Europe Trip. However, in those pictures, Peter Parker was nowhere to be found, which indicates that the spell worked.

It also showed or gave us a glimpse into how the memory spell works out. 

The entire world forgot about Peter Parker and was even removed from images or documents that he was once in.

Many people have doubts about the spell, but it’s clear how the magic works, and one thing that’s not clear is how everyone managed to remember everything about the events, but Peter was nowhere to be found. 

Did The World Forget About Peter Parker? 

Yes, it was shown in the new post-credit scenes how everyone completely forgot about Peter Parker. One particular location highlighted everything, where Peter Parker was present in a picture, but a bird flew over his face.

This just showed that Peter was there with them. However, the spell worked and erased him from the memories of those with him.

Other than that, there’s no information on how the friends and classmates of Peter Parker managed to get into the same situations but had no clue or hint about one of the best guys in the MCU, Peter Parker, who is also known as Spider-Man.

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